6 Ways to Live In The Moment – How to Be Present

There are zillions of books written on the "Power of now" or "How to live in the moment " but still we don't pay heed


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Hello readers, As you all know me by now, I firmly believe in eating right, loving more, living fully, and moving out of your comfort


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6 Safe and Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat Faster

I am sure we all some or other point in our lives wonders how to lose belly fat. Sure you have stumbled upon this post


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Top 15 Fat Burning & Metabolism Booster Foods

 These 15 super foods may work similar to the way a thermogenic or an intense cardio session in how they affect the body. These foods

Cinnamon health benefits

13 Eye Opening Cinnamon Health Benefits For a Healthier Life

Cinnamon is a magnificent aromatic spice obtained from the inner bark of an evergreen tree.  It is lighter in color, aromatic in fragrance and sweet in