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11 Things That Happen When You Stop Having Sex

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Is it official? Has estrogen left the building? Or lately, had relationship problems or you’re going through a dry spell, you can even blame your hormones for that matter. And at times simply life coming into play. The reasons could be many for having no sex. But what happens when you stop having sex after having it on regular basis. No, you don’t turn into any version of a virgin again neither you grow cobwebs down there. But yes few strange things happen when you go through no sex period that everyone should know. So let’s dive in no sex zone.

We hardly take into account when we go through “no sex” for few occasions that turn into long weeks, months and the next thing you know you haven’t had any action in a very long time and the worst part is you even stop missing it. It means not having any action comes as natural as anything else. You don’t even pay heed to it. It’s not a bad thing having a no sex period. We all go through a period where no sex is as normal as having it.

I am not talking about a lifelong celibacy and yes people do exists with such a thing. Can you believe it, no sex? I believe we all go through no sex zone at once or multiple times in our lives and it’s okay unless our body starts reacting to the lack of action. Yes, our bodies do react and it at times it is pretty intensive depends on from person to person.

It could cause mental issues like depression, lack of concentration, low libido, and various other health issues. Sex is not only about being horny, there is more to it.

So without doing a further ado let’s dive into intense, funny, and groovy things that happen to your body when you stop having sex.

                    11 Things That Happen When You Have No Sex

1.      You Get Sick More Often

As per experts, our immune system goes out of whack when we’re missing in the action. Are you getting infections and flu lately? You know your medicine now. Get into some action mode and say goodbye to all your flu and infections and boost your immune system.

2.     Your Stress Levels Increase

There is a dip on the “Feel good hormones” which keep stress at bay. Lack of stress makes you more anxious than normal. It has been researched and has been proved quite a time when we’re going through a dry spell we have a hard time dealing with stress related situations.

3.     You Could Experience Negative Feelings

A research done by Georgia State University states unintentional celibacy affects the person mentally. It also states those who going through no sex period were reportedly depressed and were going through the negative state of being experiencing anger, frustration, and no sex.

Are you going through the same lately?

If yes, then you need a change in life.

4. Your Vaginal Walls Can Become Fragile

Sure it sounds damn scary, right? Don’t fret, when can fix it too. Expert Gynecologist says that “Vagina is a muscle and just as we work out on our other muscle groups we need to keep our vagina active to the prompt of its purpose beyond reproduction.” Without sex or exercise like Kegels, vagina walls become fragile and develop a risk having them scar and also a little shut off at the inception of menopause.

5.     You Have a Harder Time Getting Aroused

If you won’t use it you will lose it that’s how it goes.  Yes dude, no sex for the longer period can cause erectile dysfunction or if not this than premature ejaculation.

6. Your Mental Performance May Stop Increasing

The Hippocampus is commonly known to increase the growth of new neurons, which is imperative for our mental functioning of the brain and sustaining the long-term memories. Research shows that sexual activities impact the growth of neurons. It nowhere means that you’re less intelligent than those who are in more action.

7.     Your Vagina Doesn’t Become Tighter

 This is a big time myth across the globe that “If sex stretches your vagina out than at times of having no sex it will reverse you back into a virgin again.”

I am sorry to disappoint the global myth but that’s not true. At least, scientifically there is no evidence of regaining the elasticity of vagina unless you hit the menopause.

8. You Visualize It!

You start visualizing the whole thing that plays into your subconscious. That’s a positive one. Once you resist it for long it comes to fore in the form of fantasies and dreams of having the orgasm while asleep. It’s not as good as the real one but not a bad bargain, though.

9. You Lose The Urge To Have Sex

Famous Sex Therapist, Sari Cooper says, you are more active and erotically aware when having regular sex that keeps up the level of libido. And when you take a long break from sex chances are you find yourself less interested in having it either. It simply tells low libido levels. The consistent low libido levels set your libido off.

10. Creates Relationships Problem

You might face relationship problems if you’re in any.  Intimacy holds a special place in the relationship and no sex gives builds insecurity with your honey.  And given that, other people are going to appeal more to you. You can take this as a pointer that a healthy sex life is imperative.

11.    You Might Need Lube When You Do Have Sex

It has been said time and again by the experts on the subject that you may go through dryness when you go through no sex period. Sexual activities on consistent basis increase the lubrication since the flow of blood is good overall including your genitals. Likewise, if you don’t experience the same you might lose those benefits. Well, there is nothing to worry about when next you need some action you can keep lube handy.

 I hope you enjoyed this post as much I did writing it. Having sex or no sex it’s all your call for life but don’t get stuck anywhere keep flowing and moving on in life. At the end all it boils down to have a balance and at times you have to lose yourself to regain the balance you need. Stay happy and healthy!

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