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Is Beet the New Viagra?

beets or beetroot

Beets or beetroot no matter what you call it. They are the most overlooked food at the vegetable shopping , dinner tables, and any possible table you can think of. The majority of people don’t know what they’re missing on, this one super food that aids in weight loss, brain booster, work wonders for diabetics, fights aging process keeps you glowing and here comes the fun part it acts like a “Natural Viagra. Makes sense. I am sure you’re hooked, for the obvious reasons, what weight loss, right? what were you thinking?  Beets has lots to offer for men, women, elders, pregnant women and for the unborn babies. If you want to know how this super food can change your life forever then do read below.

I love superfoods they are powerful, they offer variety and works like a magic spell. Just like in workout we target muscle groups for good and overall results. Likewise, super foods benefit us in a variety of ways and provides sound health. Beets contains the unique set of ingredients that make it super foods. It has loads of vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Selenium, Silica, Zinc, Iron, lots of Vitamins, Nitrate, Betacyanin, Glycine, Folic acid, and much more that helps our body in the variety of ways.

Let’s dive in this amazing power packed super food.

    15 Amazing Health Benefits of Adding Beetroots In Daily Diet

1. Weight Loss 

Obesity is a global issue these days and there is no best time to include super foods like beets in your diet without wasting time. It fights water retention issues and we know water retention is not good at all. If you don’t know why do read my previous post, I will link them below.Beets are low in calories, they taste good, full of fiber which keeps you fuller for longer. Since it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals we get proper nutrients in low calories what else do you need. Not only this it boosts metabolism and digestion which lays a strong and solid foundation for effective weight loss. You can have it juice form or as a salad whichever appeals you the most.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure 

Beets benefits are great for diabetics too. It process nitrate in such a ways that reduces blood pressure in few hours backed by the research done. They are low in glycemic index, full of fiber, low in calories, taste sweet and rich in nutrition that’s what makes beets my next favorite super food after Coconut Oil. If you want to reap benefits of coconut oil do check previous posts. But I advise them to eat them raw than juicing up like I said removes fiber from the fruit or vegetable other nutrients remains same.

3.  Fights Inflammation 

Since beets fight free radicals it is full of anti-inflammatory properties that prevent aging and issues that come with age. Beets are good for all age groups it has something for everyone. In old age inflammation creates problems and due to the sedentary lifestyle, middle age people suffers too. Adding beets in daily diet could be the best decision for you and your elders too.

4. Detoxification 

We live in a world of variety and pollution where life is full of toxins but that’s not all we are provided with great super  food as well to counter the same. Nutrients present in beets are highly beneficial for our liver. It stimulates liver cells and also protects the liver from any damage caused by alcohol consumption and fatty deposition in the liver due to deficiency of protein and nutrients.

5. Brain & Energy Booster 

If you love your elders and really want to do something for them give them beets benefits in any form they can consume accordingly. Beets increases the blood flow in the brain which keeps the brain active and boosts energy in older people. Due to increase blood flow, it assists body from fighting old age issues like dementia.

6. Boost Stamina & Metabolism

True to it color beets are packed with powerful vitamins, mineral, and special enzymes that detoxify the body from free radicals and toxins and boosts stamina for day to day chores.

7. Anti-Cancer Properties 

Betacyanin is element present in beets that make beets dark red pigmentation. And the same helps in fighting the tumor. Beets benefits are really worth sharing. There are so many people who are suffering from cancer. It’s our duty to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Be high on self-care and make necessary changes.

8. Enhances Gym Performance

 I am sure all you guys will thumbs up for this one. Nitrate present in the beets carries oxygen around the body. At the same time, it reduces the muscle’s  consumption of oxygen. This gives a boosts endurance level due to less oxygen required by the body during working out.

9. Prevents Hangover

 If you don’t want to feel blue on the bright Monday morning after a super duper party bash last night. Adding beets is a great idea to feel energized, fresh, toxins free. By now you know how good beetroot is at cleaning toxins and boosting stamina due to dense and rich vitamins and minerals. I need to add anything to it. You’re pretty smart. All guys must be nodding, right ?

10. Beats Constipation

Beets benefit in constipation too. It is full of fiber and act as a powerful laxative that cleans the system by softening the stool. It is great for pregnant women as well. The fiber present aids in digestion which in turn proves beneficial for the bowel movement.

11. Beats Osteoporosis 

Yes, it works here as well. This nutrition dense food is rich in silica mineral an essential component for the body to use calcium properly. Our bones are made up of calcium and drinking a glass full of beets will keep such dreaded diseases at bay.

12.Cures  Anemia 

Beetroots are the rich source of iron and it also helps in iron absorption in the body. since it is rich in iron it can also improve hemoglobin and supply of blood that red blood cells carry.  If you want to increase your hemoglobin levels look no further than beets. I am telling you beets benefits are great to use them and see the difference.

13. Slows Aging Process

Tell me one man or women who don’t want to look spotless and glowing till the end of the eternity. It’s human nature we all appreciate beauty and nobody want to get older or look older. We cannot deny the fact that we will get older one or the other day but we can reduce the aging process and look at least 10 years younger than what we are by using true super foods and leading a happy and healthy life. You can beat the age and skin issues with beets. Since they are full of antioxidants and help in removing free radicals prevents your cells which prevent from premature aging. So ladies rather than buying expensive creams and potions. Add beets in your daily meal plan and make full use of beets and beat the bad out of your skin.

14. Great for Pregnancy 

Beets are the great source of folic acid which helps in the formation of the spinal cord of the unborn baby and saves the baby from various deficiencies after birth. You can say pregnancy and folic acid go hand in hand. It gives immense energy boosts to pregnant women and provides lots of nutrients that help in the formation of the baby. Since it is full of fiber it helps clear the toxins from the body, boosts stamina provide extra energy as per needs.

15. Beetroot is a new Viagra

 I know you have been waiting for this :). Along with vitamins and minerals beets also contains boron it promotes sex hormones. Like I said beets are full of dense nutrients nitrate is one of them it helps carry oxygen around the entire body including genitals which gives same results as Viagara.

I hope now you got your reasons to look for beets the next time you buy vegetables. Add superfoods in your diet and make the most of them.If you like the post do comment below and share if you care. Until we meet again with another power packed super food take good care of yourself and stay blessed.

If you can’t fulfill your nutrition from natural food sources then supplementation is a great way to do the trick. Beet soft gels are easily available on the Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Is Beet the New Viagra?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Anything consumed raw has more benefits always. When it comes to pickled beets while preparing the same we add salt (Sodium) which makes its less on value. If you consume more of Sodium rich pickled beets it will give you less benefits and more healthy issues like high blood pressure and everything that comes as a package with it. You can consume raw beets the way they are but with sodium you have to restrict in quantity. I hope that answer you query. Thanks for commenting Ruth.

  1. Dear author,

    Is the beet really works like a viagra?

    Actually, I am a married women and my age is 38 and my hubs is of 43. He has been very good at sex. We have tried everything and every positions. We were very happy.

    But, for last 6 months he is not getting erection mostly. Many times we go into the bed and after some foreplay he gets erection but sometimes the erection goes away quickly or sometimes it just loosen just after putting it into vagina.

    He met a doctor and he suggested to walk and run for better flow of blood. Also, he gave him a tablet that is green. It is someting like viagra. That is effective tablet because when my hubs takes it, he does fuck me like when we were newly married. Sometimes I enjoy this but sometimes I feel like he is doing too much due to the tab, and i get tired soon.

    but, overall because of that medicine, we are again enjoying our intimate relationship. But, I want him not to take that medicine and fix his problem naturally.

    Can you assure that beet is equivalent to viagra? if it is so, can I ask him to start taking it regularly.

    1. Hello Rashmi,

      For a good start, I would like to thank you for sharing your personal problem with me. I hope this revert helps.

      See there could be many reasons for not having an erection to name a few stress, weight gain, poor nutrition, other pressures, etc.
      when it comes to beetroot, it boosts the circulation of the entire body including your genitals which give the erection. It can take you there if you consume it regularly and maintaining all other factors that kill the desired part.

      Studies have shown positive results time and again. Beets can take you there but how long you stay the same depends on many factors. I won’t get into details as it may vary.
      Coming back to your query, beets help as per the studies since we all operate in a different manner, the result varies. Try beet and check out for yourself. I hope it works for you.

      I hope that answers your query. Do write back and share your experience.

      Leena (Author)

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