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11 Things I Always Do When I Want To Lose Weight Naturally

lose weight naturally

We all love free, simple and easy hacks for everything in life then why not for being healthy.  Yes, you heard me right. Being healthy is not that difficult. We just have to make some sane choices. If you’re looking to lose weight naturally,then congratulations you’re at the right place. Try these simple and easy weight loss hacks and lose weight naturally in no time.

In today’s fast paced life, we are so busy that we don’t realize how simple hacks can save us from being over-weight.And, honestly, these are not even hacks. It’s more or less going back to basics. We have gone so far in terms of experimenting and trying out everything that comes handy that we need to embrace basics again in order to gain our balance in life. And by saying gaining balance I am not saying all your problems will solve like that and all pain will dry up. We gain balance and we lose it and that’s ok. The thing is we should have that state of mind where we can make sane choices and follow the rest in harmony.

Life will play its role and we have to perform in the given situation. So let’s dive in these hacks to lose weight naturally.

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                                     11 Things I Always Do When I Want To Lose Weight Naturally

  1. Eat Home Cooked Meals – This point is the most basic and gross. Home cooked food is way too better than ordering in every time. It saves health, wealth and also gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved one. When you cook at home you can always plan and follow your plan for weight loss or muscle gain as per your requirement and once you get the hang of it, it comes handy. For being healthy making healthy habits is a must. Start with this one.

Eating home-cooked meals is one of the best ways to lose weight fast . There are days when for work or something you have no other choice than ordering in or you have to eat something from out. And that’s ok but rests of the days are in your hand so make most out of it. Just by making a simple tweak in your routine you can save yourself from all the empty calories that you put into your body. So what are you waiting for ? Eat home-cooked meals from now and lose weight fast and also lose weight naturally.

Home cooked meal

2. Add More Vegetables In Your Diet – So when you decide to eat at home most of the times you can choose to eat healthy food and nothing is better than having fresh vegetables. They are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants that give our body energy and make all our system rolling perfectly. Eating a variety of vegetables gives our body a balanced dose of vitamins and minerals that we need to function properly. And it also balances our hormones and helps to lose weight fast and also lose weight naturally.

eat vegetables3.  10K  Steps – Walking is the thing for people who are resistant to working out in the gym every day. The  author of famous book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says whatever you do for 10,000 hours you become the genius at it. Here we walk 10,000 steps a day to become healthy. All you need is a pedometer and set your goal as per your current weight and just start walking. I know you are busy and making time for the walk is also a task for you. If you belong to such category of people than you can make activities that make you walk like taking breaks every hour and walk, park your car at a distance, use stairs than elevators, do your own work, take that phone call or doorbell than asking someone else to do. Be the one who switches off the light before going to bed than fighting with your better half instead tell them you lose if you don’t move. Walk more and lose weight fast  and remember friends’ sitting is new smoking and it is epidemic. People are accumulating heaps of diseases just by sitting and digging their grave. Get out and moving and stop giving yourself shitty reasons you have time you just have to prioritize it. Walk it out and lose weight naturally.

walk more

4. Don’t Drink Empty Calories – This one is important friends because we don’t even realize we add upon so many empty calories in our daily meal. I tell you what I mean by empty calories, taking sodas, alcohol, cocktails or market juices added with preservatives they are full of calories and we must guzzle it down over and over without even realizing they are adding up gazillions amount of calories sometimes more than what you eat in an entire meal. Yes, trust me we do that, at parties, get together, at movies I tell you everywhere we do this. And later standing on the scale we wonder from where it is coming from. I take black coffee in the morning and usually drink water throughout the day unless there is no escape from parties and outings.

This is the easiest way to cut calories and saving yourself from burning holes in the pocket. We actually pay for it, friends. Look at the irony of the situation. This is the most effective way to cut down on calories. Do give it a shot to lose weight fast and there is nothing best than to lose weight naturally.

empty calories

5. Be Light On Sugar, Salt, and Flour – When I say less, I mean less, ok. I don’t believe in giving up on food groups entirely. When I cut on sugar I take  sugar from fruits, when I minimize on salt I add lemon or black pepper and when I say light on flour I mean switching it with something that fills me up with fiber and energy. Leaving it all together will make it hard for you and it is not even required. Remember when you cut down yourself from all you are taking for years your Leptin goes down and we don’t want that to happen. Since we are looking a long term picture we must not settle for short-term weight loss tricks. To lose weight fast is easy but go for sustainable weight loss.

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eat less salt or sugar

6. Juicing Up – This is the easiest among all the hacks and it works all the time. Fruits and vegetables when consumed raw gives maximum benefits. No frying, cooking, sauté, spices consume as they are natural and raw. That’s when they give us all they all vitamins and minerals. Pick your fruits and just switch on the juicer and make some nice smoothie for yourself. You can also use vegetables. Juicing gives us all the nutrients which make digestion strong and also boosts metabolism. Juicing is indeed the best way to lose weight fast.For diabetics, I don’t recommend juicing up since it spikes the sugar levels. When we juice it up all the fibers are separated and we get all the vitamins and minerals. For people with diabetes eat raw fruits in the morning than juicing up.


7. Stay In a Positive State of Mind – Staying in a positive state of mind is like protecting yourself from the shield that keeps your world intact. We interact with a lot of people on the daily basis some infuses fresh blood into us and some just suck out positivity we have in. Discard such people from your circles and be with like-minded people who propel you toward your goals than derailing you from the track. Love yourself the way you are. Learn to communicate with your body and once you do that. Magic happens.

Listen to good people, follow them, through reading,  books, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, participating in groups there are many ways to keep you uproot.  All these things work like a magic to lose weight naturally. Watch something good when you wake up and then at bed time. Outsmart people, with your positivity and grace. Be humble, kind and genuine to all.

stay positive

  1. Add Superfoods and Herbs In Meals – Adding superfoods and herbs in the meal is the super hack in my arsenal. We all can try it and for years it has worked for all people out there and so it will do for you. I completely buy in the power of superfoods which is why I decided to post on one super food every week. I started my super food series with Coconut Oil. If somehow you missed it, don’t worry I am adding up the link down below. Go check out for yourself. I have used coconut oil religiously and it has worked wonders for me. Mostly, it has done on my waist line if it rings the bell. There are many super foods that work for weight loss, fat loss, stabilizing blood pressure for skin, body and every organ of your body. Stay tuned for super foods. Right after this post I will add one more super food in the list.

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home cooked meals

You don’t have to go far for the super foods. Everything you need is there is your kitchen. Indian food is rich in tradition, culture and it healing properties. Rather than opting for things which are alien to us or not from the same soil there is no point. I am not against it but all I want is to get value from the food we consume. At the end of the day, I want value, not the tag. In order to  lose weight fast we mess up our body and nothing comes out of it.

I religiously use Coconut oil, Flax seeds, Aloe vera, Cinnamon, Parsley, Coriander seeds, Hemp seeds, Bay leaves, Beets, Ginger, Garlic and much more that keeps my digestion, metabolism on the roll. Use these superfoods in your daily diet and lose weight naturally.

  1. Eat More Raw Than Cooked – If you want to get value from any food group consume them raw. It fits for almost all the fruits and some of the vegetables. Like I said if you cannot eat few vegetables you can always juice them up and make it work for you. It provides lots of fiber, adds on energy, boosts metabolism and detoxifies your system for the good. Adding salads into the daily routine is a great way. Always have salad half an hour before your meal it fills you up and you eat less eventually and keeps you fuller. Do I need to say more? See nothing is fancy here. It’s all basic and most of the points we know already but we overlook their importance. I am just giving you all a gentle reminder eat raw food and lose weight naturally.

raw food

10. Sleep More – I know you will love me for this point. Sleeping has enormous benefits for our body it gives our body rejuvenation and gears up for action all fresh and active. All hormones stay balanced when our body gets adequate sleep at night followed by the nap in the afternoon. It also keeps a tab on your weight. Yes, you are going to love me more for this. In my older post, I talked about Leptin hormone it triggers when you don’t sleep and makes you feel hungry all time which eventually contributes in adding a decent amount of weight to the body. For all of you who missed that post. I am leaving a link below do check it for yourself. It’s all basic here I am not talking any rocket science here. All we are focusing upon is to eat & sleep well at night so that your body gets enough rest and use all the nutrients to get absorb and work for you. Just so you know at times expensive makeup also fails at concealing that dullness and dark circles around the eyes. Now you have enough reasons to have a good sleep and lose weight naturally.

sleep like a baby

  1. Do Your Thing – Yes indulging in you is good. We live in the times where we are so much into doing stuff that is not us and I am sure by doing that you know what works for you. Do what works for you. Give yourself a nice break and do what you truly want to do you know what I mean. Like for me reading works like a magic, just like other people feel at the spa I feel the same after a good read. Travelling is my second nature, for traveling I am always on and when I say anytime, I mean it. I feel that god has made the whole world for us to explore and there is nothing best than traveling and be around nature. When you do your thing you are much  happier and so your hormones. A healthy mind and body support us to lose weight naturally.

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Do your thing

Your thing could be different than mine. It could be anything like meditation, walking, talking, shopping . Find what works for you and just zoom into it. When you are happy everything falls into place and even if it doesn’t you don’t care. Inner peace is the best state to be in. When our mind, body, and soul are at rest nothing works better than that. Health comes in all sizes you don’t have to disappear into mountains to find some magic elixir for health and happiness. Whatever you need nature has it all in this moment right here you just have to look around and have those eyes. Try these hacks to lose weight naturally. See nothing is fancy here like I said all the hacks are simple and easy to do. You have been listening to them all the time but never paid heed to it. If you missed out, now is the second best time to start again.

I hope you loved this post as much I did writing it. I hope you like all the hacks and do comments below if you think you have some better hacks for readers. I would love to listen from you all. Until we meet again, do remember I love you. Stay healthy and keep going.


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  1. Great post ,Leena
    Good advice, natural weight loss is best and it works with the tips you did give here. Homemade natural food and a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. Walking is a great affordable exercise which also is relaxing and can be meditative.
    Thank you ,great share

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thanks for appreciating the effort.
      You are reading the blog and commenting and this is your second comment received which clearly tells, you are looking for a change Jason.
      You just have to accept it and take tiny steps. The heavy body comes with heavy unhealthy surprises as well as a part of the package.
      It’s never too late to start.

      For interest thing, you can collect all images of past couple of years where you were healthy just see them over and over. I am sure interest will fall back.

      Thanks for writing in. I really appreciate it Jason.

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