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12 Incredible Ways to be Happy In a Minute: Make Your Life Awesome


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Why are some people so successful, wealthy but miserably unhappy?  Why are some people happy as a lark no matter what life gives them? The key difference between such people is Self-awareness. They know happiness is the DNA of pleasure. Forget fortune.  We all need to be fulfilled and happy to enjoy the everything give or created.

In this post, I will walk you through 12 ways to be happier in less than a minute. Happiness in life comes from fulfillment. If you want to learn “How to have a happy life” or “Ways to be happier” continue reading. And those who are already happy you’ll find other ways to add more value into your life.

Without a further ado watch your happiness grow with 12 incredible ways to be happy.

11 Incredible Ways to be happy In  Less Than A Minute

  1. Give a Genuine Warm Smile

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Are you looking for ways to be happier? Smile more, it’s contagious. It can change the vibration of your body and will make feel better promptly. If you’re having a bad day still chosen to smile over and make a little joke. You might find a new way to tackle the situation. Crying, pondering, or dwelling doesn’t do shit you know. No matter what the situation is to laugh at it and call it a day.

Don’t just limit to your loved ones. Give your smile to a stranger walking by and spread kindness. You never know who is in need of it. Tell me honestly, what else could be the way to let “happiness in life”. If you look for ways to be happy then start with a warm and genuine smile.

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2. Use Two Magical Words Ever – “Thank You”

ways to be happy

Be grateful for what you have in life. Happy people spread happiness by being grateful and appreciating other people. Nothing is easier than saying “Thank You” to someone. You can make someone’s day like that. It hardly takes a minute to text someone and telling them how much their support means to you. Easy, honey?

3. Do a Quick Stretch

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An easy way to add value in your daily life is to take care of your body by doing a quick stretch, upping water than coffee, by saying no to booze, it will hardly take a minute and in that moment you can make a difference. It’s the moment of time in which our destiny is shaped.

4. Laugh out loud

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Laughter is the best medicine. They don’t just say that for nothing. In fact, they say it for all the right reasons, laughing can make you happier immediately. All you need is “LOL”. Laughing is good for your mind, body, and soul.

5. Take a Deep Breath

how to have a happy life

“Take a deep breath”, is the most common advice given ever. And, for all the right reasons deep breathing is one of the tried and tested ways to reduces stress levels by bringing the attention to the center of the mind. We all can get few minutes out each day and try to put the focus on breathing. Few minutes only, it can make a world of difference in your life.

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6. Think of a Loved One

ways to be happy

Love is the highest form of energy. It’s the most powerful ways to be happy. When you feel sad, lonely or like a gone case. Just step back and think about the person who loved you the most for no reason and was there with you always only loving you more. Recall all the time little things about that person will gear you into a different energy level. Think of all the tiny sweet things someone did for you, it could be anything. For an example, reminding you to keep a cushion at your back while driving, or when they call up just to know how you’re doing. Just do that you and find unique ways to be happy and stay tuned in love.

It really works wonders. It does for me, at least. All you need is put yourself in a spot where your mind is calm, full of love, and content.

In this life, we crave for love and respect the most. The only thing the another person can give you is their impression. And, the best form of impression is someone loving you. It won’t take much of your time. Think about your loved one, now and change the way you feel.

7. Make That Call

ways to be happier

Yes, a call is what you need to get the ball rolling. It’s great to make a shift in your energy level. Well, you can level up by making a call to someone you resist. In your mind, you talk to someone for like zillions time but never made it. Make that call now and talk to the person. It will insanely gear up your energy level. And, it will leave you on an entirely different field. In a moment, you will feel you have moved on from “Thinking to Action“. Stop pondering, start doing.

Tell someone you love them, appreciate someone,  call to say, “Hi”, just do something you’ve pondering for years and see how magically it makes a shift in your perspective.

8. Engage More With People

How to have a happy life

The point is to engage with people when interact. It only takes a second to give some undivided attention. Have you given that attention lately?

Look right in their eyes and listen to them carefully. In less than a minute, you can scale up the interaction with the other person. Or even better just go, “Hug them”. Do more, be more, and get more happy and fulfilled.

              “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 

9. Shut off your phone

ways to be happier

I call it “Gadget free time”.

We live in the most digitalized era ever. But all I want to say is “Google” do has all the answers to your queries but still, there are questions which Google cannot answer for you and for those you have to connect with your inner self.

Toss your gadgets for few minutes once in a day and be with yourself in that moment. Rewire yourself with the inner you.

10.Be the bigger person and take the high road

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Let’s imagine you driving back home and stuck in traffic. And on road, we find many jerks.


Half of the day your boss screws you and later the traffic. It is frustrating and nobody wants to spend their valuable time in the car sure we get it. Be the bigger and let someone in when no one else does. I know it sounds corny. But try that once, just once. Stop for the walker or biker. If you make a mistake on road, then instead of ranting try to give a friendly gesture or a wave. It all comes down to how you react to the situation. You will realize in no time you can drastically reduce your current stress levels or can avoid triggering the same.

Life will through many chances at you where you can rant and rave but by being the bigger person and let go off the situation you can hit the ball out of boundaries. Always remember to be the bigger person.

11.Take in Your Surroundings

how to have a happy life

Life is so fast nowadays that we hardly stop for a moment and “Smell the roses”. We miss the beauty in the moments. All I want you to take a step back either a sunset or sunrise. Just live in that moment, sulk in the beauty of the moment. All such moments are around us all the time but we overlook them. Such moments will enrich you more than anything in life.

12. Live In The Moment 

happiness in life

“Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live in the best way we can. There is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments. “

If you really wish to encounter beauty in every second then you must learn to live in the moment and check out for yourself what have you been missing on life. Before you lose the sight of the things that matters you the most. All these points mentioned in this post are golden ways to be happy and happier than ever.

These were my top 12 ways to be happy in less than few minutes. It’s not the time its the intent that matters. Try these proven ways to be happier and let me know in comments below. I would love to hear from you all.

Stay happy !


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