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11 Ways Solo Travel Makes You Healthier, Happier & Smarter

Solo Travel

Solo Travel works like an elixir, it does for me. I think god created this world with so much natural beauty and wonders filled with live creatures of different shape and form, it is my birthright to travel as far as I can explore and see it all before I exit. Solo  Travel is like a second nature to me. If you want to meet the best version of you, then you must bag pack. Traveling is like a buddy, teacher, best mentor, and ultimate romance with the self. Solo Travel or traveling alone teaches you a lot, makes you comfortable under your skin, you become more acceptable of what you are and situations around you.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Travelling alone than with groups makes more sense to me. You get time to think and unwind yourself from all sorts of distractions, issues related to work and personal life. Solo travel gives us the right opportunity.

Every place has its own fragrance, whenever I land at some new destination fragrance is the first thing that strikes in my mind than people or any other thing. I remember every place with a fragrance first. It may sound weird but that’s how it goes for me. Solo travel excites me always; I feel something great is coming my way.

1. Solo Travel Changes You Inside Out

Travel changes you as a person, for an example, if you’re an introvert personality it makes you a bit of extrovert while traveling because when you are out and alone you need people to talk for many reasons like routes, places, food, company around and the hell of things. And it is great for social communication skills and overall personality. You might end up meeting someone incredible, the best buddy, learn their language and culture. We become more social because while traveling we meet people from all age groups and we learn to deal with them along the way.

2. You Become More Understanding & Flexible

Traveling alone or solo travel adds a big dash of acceptance into us for things, people and situations around. When we are out, at times situations arises where we need to follow up than reacting on it. We accept things for what they without changing them. We prefer adjusting for things and those tiny tweaks make a great shift in the thinking process. It is fabulous for the mindset.

The best thing about traveling is no matter how much planning you do something goes haywire. Your flight gets the delay, you take wrong routes, you wait in lounges or waiting lines, all these tiny tweaks in the plans makes you more of a flexible person at the end of the day.

3. Makes Us More Balanced

Solo travel balances out us, it actually works like a catalyst. If you are off balance it will soothe you and bring your balance back and if you are too balanced it will take you off the beat. We are easy with our natural behavior if something unusual happens it excites the introvert and when nothing happens it gives peace to a restless soul. And, most of the times we don’t realize what exactly do we need.

At the end, you might live an experience of a lifetime that can become the most cherished stories for your grandchildren in future. We make stories while traveling some publish them in books or blogs and some keep them close to their heart forever.

By gaining balance, it nowhere means you can’t get off balance again. Balance is something which keeps on the swing like a pendulum being in one state all time is not a thing that is appreciable. Being human we appreciate the variety.

At times we need to lose our balance to gain overall balance in life. Since we become too rigid in few facets of life. Don’t we?

4. You Might Meet Your Someone Special “On The Road”

You might meet the love of your life, or you might hear the word for your life, you might find that inspiration, passion for life. Travelling is like a Santa, it has something for everyone, and every trip is Christmas. You might meet someone or see someone who can change the way you see the world, change happen in an instant our mind changes. And why it happens on the go because we are away from the mundane, monotonous world of repetitiveness. I am not against repetitive patterns, in fact, I adore them it makes us more responsible, sharp and firm in our skills. But being a creative person, I also enjoy the other part of the story, being in the flow and accepting whatever is coming different people, culture, food, air, everything.

You might meet the real you, old you or the new you on the road. Or for the matter, you meet the best version of you. In our daily life, we are playing so many roles that we forget the real us while living the same life all day every day for our loved ones, bosses, relatives, social media. I see no list is complete without social media. It’s viral, way too much. It’s good, we are connected. Just like social media connect us to the world. Travel connects us to different corners of the world and at the same time it connects us with our real inner being, inner hermit. Being a health blogger, I think travel works like a super food for our soul. It enriches us in countless ways. It soothes our aching heart, fuels our wanderlust, and infuses fresh blood with new experiences.

5.Solo  Travel works as a Stress Buster

I feel travel is a great way to burst stress bubble. It works like magic for me. Nature has a soul that’s why we say, I need fresh air, we look for nature when we are most vulnerable. Nature doesn’t revert back verbally but it makes us feel that it is there and you can relax here until you feel fine. Don’t you think you’re more connected and rooted with our inner being when surrounded by natural beauty?

While traveling we see new places, new roads, different people and overall it gives us the new outlook.
At times sitting by the beach watching the sun setting down is everything that we need in that moment. It soothes our aching soul. Watching waves coming crashing into each other. I feel immensely peaceful at beach places.
It reduces our stress levels like anything. When you are stress-free your hormones feels happy and on the go. When we are happy from inside everything works just fine outside. And if we aren’t happy inside no matter what you get in life doesn’t make a shred of a difference. Happiness is the utmost priority.

“Just as a painter paints
and a ponderer ponders,
a writer writes,
and a wanderer wanders.”

                                                                -Roman Payne

6. Solo Travel Makes You Creative

Like I said  solo travel works a lot on the personality and mindset inside out. When we are out more into nature creative juices flow abundantly. They say creativity needs its sacred place and when we are away from regular routine life, we think in a different way about the same situation.

We get the opportunity to think with peaceful mind without distractions. Have you ever noticed when you lock yourself away from regular routine life and work or do anything that makes sense to you, you produce productive? It could be thoughts, big ideas, gratitude, and solution to your problems.

Our problem is, we are missing our sacred place in this busy life. We are running constantly after something in life with no breaks and when we hit the rocks we wonder how come I landed here.

I am sure you must have gone through days, where nothing comes out of you. It feels like you have run out of creative ideas at work, vigor, passion, or you don’t have it in you anymore. It happens when we forget to stop. All we need is PERIOD.

7. Travel Keeps You Physically Fit & Stronger

I never knew one soul who touched nature and never lusted for more. We call it “Wanderlust. Once you get the solo travel bug in the feet there is no looking back. We all are nomads who are stuck in a corporate jungle. Once we try an adventure in our solo vacations we keep on exploring ourselves we walk more, hike more, run more, explore new places upside down inside out and this makes us more energetic and stronger than ever. The more healthy choices you make the more you can make out from your trip.

8. Have Better Bonding in Relationships

Love yourself first is the key to experiencing love in the greater sense. When we truly love you then only we can love others completely.
When we solo travel we leave our family and loved ones. While traveling a lot thing happens which makes us remember our family and all small gestures they do for us. It makes us more gratitude towards them that makes the bond stronger.

If you travel with your partner, we not only explore a new place but your partner as well. It makes intimacy deeper between couples and makes friendships stronger if you’re traveling with your buddies.

My Own Personal Experience
I remember once I traveled with my friends and my real younger brother once. We use to fight a lot before but after that trip my whole mindset change towards him. While traveling we do a lot of things together, we talk more, play sports and spend more of a quality time together. I made a significant shift in our relationship. We still fight but we understand each other more than ever. All relationships are important for us.

9. Exploring Places and Ourselves Keeps Your Brain Healthy

When we are out and we take detours, try off beats things and places. This newness and excitement keep the brain healthy. The human mind loves to explore, the more we explore more active and healthier & happier we become.  Solo vacations keep our mind happy and stress-free. We feel more energetic and more child-like when trying something new and adventurous.

We can try all sorts of activities which can’t be done in our busy life. We can spend quality time with the self, practice mindfulness meditation, play sports or simply sit back and do nothing than watching people walk by. At times simply doing nothing also makes a lot of sense. Be nothing in the moment.  Just enjoy the creation by the creator.

10. Travel Increases Our Emotional Well-being

When we travel with our loved ones, family cum friends, or meet new people in our journey, it adds all types of memory which increase our emotional well-being overall.
We meet so many people interact with them hear stories, tell our story to them and along the journey we make new stories. By doing so, we unfold our real self and release our burden by sharing our pain or pleasure with people. Likewise, by listening to others we never how what difference it makes to them. In this way, we forget and forgive our own self and others and that’s how forgiveness heals us all.

In a way, I feel traveling is divine; it lets you connect with yourself and others. Without any selfish desire we talk, listen and spread happiness and joy. This is our true nature.

11. Post Trip Pictures Keeps Us in Same Emotional State

Post trips pictures, shopping or anything that relates to the trip takes you back in the same emotional state. This is what I love about pictures; you can re-live the whole experience all over and over. And at the same time, it keeps you in high spirits and also inspires you for next solo travel.

Every time it’s not about eating less and moves more drill we all run after. There is more to it. We need to recharge ourselves, connect with our inner hermit and indulge with self.
Those who travel often will relate to me more than who travel only for the purpose. Get out guys, live more, do more. Like Liz Gilbert says, “Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” 

Don’t just live in one city, live in the world. The whole world is your home. Keep traveling and exploring yourself and the world.

If travel changed you as a person and gave you something memorable, do share with me and spread the word. I would love to read your experiences.

If you liked the post share it, because “Sharing Is Caring”.

Keep traveling and stay happy & healthier.

Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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