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4 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation



“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are otherwise you will miss most of your life.” There is no better way to start this post with a quote by Buddha. Mindfulness Meditation is a buzz word these days. Health comprises of mind, body, and soul. The way our body needs healthy food for better functioning. Likewise, our soul also needs food and meditation works as a food. The objective of doing meditation is to hold the mind still to calm it, relax it for the benefit it will bring to us and others around us during this lifetime and beyond. Provided it is done with mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation is nothing but a state of mind where we pay attention to the self without any distractions. In today’s life where people have forgotten their self and are constantly running for making their life more meaningful, content, richer. In doing so, they have forgotten to their real nature. Sure your life is busy, you need to make money, you have responsibilities and no time. As a consequence, we face misery, depression, diseases, stress, and what not.

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To make up for the loss, we need to meditate to give the desired break our mind, body, and soul needs. But we are so busy and especially for meditation which to most of us is the most boring thing in the world. In ancient times, people use to do meditation for enlightenment. But in today’s time, we need it to save our self from the constant beating depression and ailments that come as a package. We must give ourselves the much-needed break from the mundane life and should do meditation because; it gives you the opportunity to do nothing at that moment.

In today’s hustled life, we all are busy making money, meeting deadlines, working for others making money for them, messing up others people lives for no reason, gossiping just to make our self better, feeding ourselves loads of sugary and alcoholic stuff and feel bloated later at night then pop up few pills to feel better, and still can’t sleep enough, because the shitty expensive roll you ate was toxic just like you. Wondering why this is happening?


Did you notice the pattern? There is no freaking period here?  Are you making time to think and decide? The major problems we all are facing today be it anything, physical, emotional, and mental because we don’t when to put a break. Back to back, we have plans ready, easy to pick food readily available just a call away, handy addictions, and pulsating nightlife.

Thanks a lot for reading so far. I  really appreciate, many people come to a blog post find the topic interesting and after one paragraph they lose track and it happens 85% of times. You belong to another category, and I appreciate that. You came this far also suggests, you are someone who looks for solutions. Let me tell you have come to the right place. So without wasting our time, let’s get started.

What is mindfulness meditation exactly?

In simple words, Mindfulness meditation is nothing but paying attention in the present moment and activity. It can be done while sitting idle, walking, doing daily chores like cooking, writing, repairing, bathing etc.  There is a process to it which I have explained later in the post.

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How do I get started?

You can begin with silence. Just sit and relax by taking deep breaths. Calm yourself down to a level where you enjoy this silence, many thoughts will come and go into your mind, don’t battle here, just watch your thoughts, and tell them I am meditating come with me, and keep doing it until you reach a point where thoughts disappear. This may take time and depends on how you do it. There are many ways to do it, you can chant some mantra, or just plainly focus on music vibrations and what and what not. I won’t go much into details because I cannot teach you how to meditate just like we can’t teach how to sleep. I hope it makes sense to you guys. Mindfulness Meditation will come by itself without any effort; just don’t force you into it. Prepare your mind for meditation. This preparation is called mindfulness.

4 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation

images (7)Mindful meditation happens in four steps.  Firstly, you need clarity of mind; a mind which is duped with greed, anger is toxic. Free yourself with agitation to clear your mind. Secondly, one must stay calm and peaceful. We are at unease because we are craved, agitated and excited that makes us go through restlessness. Thirdly in mindfulness meditation alertness is required. Don’t overdo it just be sensitized about your surroundings. And, lastly be engaged in day to day activity it is crucial because our mind is like a monkey and it wanders and creates its own world with concepts, limitations, and conditions that distort events.

What are the benefits?

Backed by science and many types of research done by sober-minded excerpts in the field, it is a cure for just anything to everything that distresses you.  You name it and it works improving stress levels, depression, sleeping patterns, eating disorders, healthy weight, peace of mind and much more. No wonder why world is hopping around mindfulness meditation swear by it.

It works for people from all walks of life, age, gender, race and size. You get to meet the calmer version of you. Those who want to lose weight must make mindfulness their best friend, it will take you towards your goal in no time. Students can improve their perspective towards studies and eventually can improve outcomes. And it works all the time, even when we are not doing it. Also, it makes us more self-aware and helps control our emotions. It works wonder for a pregnant woman. It makes you a better person. And best of all it can reduce future health care expenses if that makes sense to you. You don’t have to leave the world for it, it comes handy and accessible. So what are you waiting for? Tune in.

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How long do I need to meditate for each day?

Begin with three to five minutes a day and then gradually expand take your time. There is no time bar you can increase it as you get a hang of it.  Once you will rekindle that connection with your inner self the real you. I am sure you will come back to it.

Initially, you might struggle not because you cannot make it, but because it’s new to you. And new habits take their time to settle in. Make a room for meditation in your mind and your house where you dedicatedly meditate. Before your routines burn you out, start making time for yourself. Meditation is a state of mind where you are totally present in the moment. Where you are not fussing about the past or future and you forget the sense of time. The best way of describing is where you lost track of time. It could be any activity.  Like, if you are taking a staircase then just walk through, watch your steps, see the distance in between every step be completely involved in that state. Don’t think what you have to say when you will go up there and what work is to be done and so on and on. Just be there in that moment. It is known as the meditative state, you can do anytime anywhere. The more you do the better it is.

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Thanks for your time.  Do leave your comments below and let me know what you think.



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