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5 Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight Faster Part 2

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This post is an extended part of 5 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever – Part 1. Let’s see a short recap of part 1 where we decided to make five small changes

Start Your Day With Fruit
Have a wholesome breakfast
Drink Water Throughout The Day
Chew Your Food
Eat Local and Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Our body is just like us – Moody. It doesn’t matter how good or nutrient rich the food is. If our body isn’t in a mood to digest, it won’t. By that, I mean bad eating habits hampers digestion and absorption. If you want to bring a change that lasts forever then you must adopt healthy eating habits that stay with you like a loyal partner.

Let me give a snapshot of what this post is about.

  • First, add Superfood to rev up the process If we know me you know how much I love the “Power of super foods”.
  • Second, Eat Good Fats– I have seen this as a pattern people say no to good fats in their meals but look for biscuits and snacks to fill up their stomach.
  •  Third, is to eat as per the activity like if you’re active throughout the day eat more and if not then less.
  • Fourth, eat every two hours I know few of you will comment we know this tell us something new. I know it has been said zillions of times under, “healthy eating habits” list but how often you follow the same. And moreover, do you know what it does to your body?
  • My fifth and last point is awareness – healthy eating habits and everything that comes around this topic makes no sense unless you’re totally aware of your thoughts, actions, and execution. It’s an integrated approach of mind, body, and soul when they are in sync when our mind knows why we are doing something when our body follows our thoughts and when our soul feels good about thinking and doing it that’s when the value is added to anything we do.

We really need to get our basics right before we get into high-end healthy eating habits which are exotic cum toxic. I know some people around in my own circle who are so overwhelmed these days with their weight and issues that they have stopped eating food. Literally, no food and in the evening they eat biryani to compensate. I don’t know how people are operating these days.

Let’s straight dive in five healthy eating habit.

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight Faster Part 2

1. Superfoods

healthy food habits

I love superfoods as they’re potent, nutrient-dense and impactful. Superfoods add value to the meals. In my previous posts, I have added series of super foods.  Every healthy eating habits list includes superfoods. They add value to the meals and boosts the process of fat burning and improving health quotient of an individual. Here are some of them

Coconut oil 

The coconut tree is known as “Tree of Life”  revs up metabolism by kicking in the slow thyroid – works in multiple ways – triggers digestion, metabolism, and detoxification three in one. If I had to pick one healthy eating habit, I will go for coconut oil.  It serves your mind, body, and soul at one time.


Aids in weight loss, brain booster, work wonders for diabetics, fights aging process keeps you glowing and here comes the fun part it acts like a Natural Viagra“. It has loads of vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Selenium, Silica, Zinc, Iron, lots of Vitamins, Nitrate, Betacyanin, Glycine, Folic acid, and much more that helps our body in the variety of ways.


Ginger is one super food which works wonders for metabolism, digestion, packed with 40 antioxidants and free radicals, can make you look ten years younger, excellent for hair growth and thinning and last but no least increases your sex drive.There are about 115 unique chemical compounds found in the ginger root. And, 6- gingerol is giving it healing powers that work as a potent anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agent. Healthy eating habits are incomplete without listing this superfood.


This spice doesn’t take more than half a teaspoon every day to keep the risk of cancer at bay. The health benefits of cinnamon are countless; we can reap health benefits of cinnamon by adding it into our daily lives. The benefits of cinnamon are diverse and range from cancer, diabetes, inflammation, weight loss, boosting sex drive and so and so forth.

Green Tea Extract 

Consuming green tea on daily basis has a numerous health benefit some of it include increased metabolism which promotes fat burning, enhances brain function, dips the risk of various types of cancer, improves physical performance, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, too good for dental health, lower risk of infection.  Green tea boosts healthy eating habits

Flaxseed (Flax) 

Lately, it is termed as the World’s Healthiest Food known to science. The health benefits of flax seed are gazillions. It contains 534 calories per 100 grams, corresponding to 55 calories for each tbsp of whole seeds (10 grams).What makes it so unique is the fabrication of nutrition present which is 42% fat, 29% carbohydrates, and 18% protein. It also contains the famous omega 3, fiber (soluble and insoluble) and other plant compounds.  Flax seed benefits are known for its nutritional value around the world. The rich source of micronutrient present, dietary fiber, (mineral) manganese, (Vitamin) vitamin B1, and Omega 3 makes it the world’s healthiest food.

 2. Eat Good Fats – Healthy Eating Habits

healthy eating habits

Credit: Livestrong

I have seen this everywhere people say a big no to cashew or nuts no we can’t take them they are fattening ya. Fat is as important as carbs and protein in our daily diet. It makes up 60% of our brain, protects vital organs, aids in transporting vitamins and minerals.

If you want to have a lean, toned body, thick and glossy hair and gorgeous skin then be friends with fats. Fat should be a part of your three main meals in moderation. Good fats like coconut oil, nuts, cheese, ghee, flax, peanuts olive oil, and other dairy products. The Fat sources keep us calm. Like I always say fat is important but in moderation.

Fats, when combined with carbs and protein, reduces the GI of the food and prevents the spike of blood sugar which prevents hunger pangs, stabilizes hormones, and gives you that glow in the skin. In order to release stored fat, we need to eat fat. So Eat Fat to Lose Fat.

3. Eat as Per Your Routine and Activity

healthy eating habits

When it comes to healthy eating habits I like to keep it simple and sweet. Eat as per your routine. When you are high on activity eat more and when less eat accordingly. It will help the body to operate smoothly. When we do rigorous activity our muscles breaks down and to repair them we need nutrients and our body absorbs the nutrients. Likewise, when don’t put in much of activity and double the food our body nutrient gets waste and stored as a fat. Both ways it’s of no use. For proper utilization of nutrients, we need to eat accordingly.

  1. Eat Every Two Hours and Lose Fat

healthy eating habits

Does this happen to you?

You don’t feel like eating in the morning but post 5 pm or meetings don’t know what happens you go for everything that your hands can lay on.  That’s when you call for pizza, soda, samosa and all. You must feel like you have a split personality.  On the other hand, If I ask you to eat every two hours. Sounds corny, right? As you play in extremes when you don’t eat and when you eat you eat like baby dinosaurs. But one thing you don’t get your mind around is when you eat you eat too much at one go and that is creating a problem. Any healthy eating habit or regime will never let you starve and if it does then you know it’s not for you.

Here’s the deal. You have to eat in small breaks and small portion sizes. So that your body can digest it nicely and is rest assured that food will come. When we starve ourselves our body gets scared and starts to store fat instead of releasing it into energy. And, that’s the reason why your fancy diets fail every freaking time. As they tell your body to starve. Once your body gets into conservation mode it can’t think enough and all it does is to store fat. Let’s see the flip side of it. Yes, I am asking you to eat but eat good, clean and healthy food that can keep you full of nutrition, fiber, and energy. Healthy eating habit is simple and easy don’t confuse it with your high-end celeb diet plans and all.

If you’re someone looking for a real deal then start eating every two hours. But make sure about the portion sizes. You don’t have to eat big meals every two hours. See one thing that happens is your body is allowed to work when it gets nutrition and all your hormones and digestion works fine that’s a place where every workout will give you results. There is a fine line between limits and starvation. Never ever cross the starvation mode. Be physically active and feed your body accordingly. You will never have any issues.

Our body doesn’t understand our meetings, deadlines, and pressures so it will keep on doing its work and ask you for feed but we play smarter than our body and keep giving it tea or coffee to linger on. Once we cross that starvation threshold we eat like we’ll never have next meal. It’s like bad parenting; our body feels like a neglecting child.

You can have small breaks like 5 minutes and have your peanuts, apple, curd or salad that’s how you go entire day. Like you can break up your lunch in two breaks and have it. This way your body can easily break it, digest, and absorbs nutrients properly.

Eating after every two hours will prevent you from overeating and helps you burn calories. YES, you heard me right, eating frequently helps burning calories.

When you starve, your body feels it will die out of starvation. By eating every two hours our body loses the fear of death and feels encouraged to let go fat stored in the body. Think of all that fat stored in your body as a reaction towards starvation.

  1. Awareness

healthy food habits

If only we get our basics right we can save ourselves from disaster. Prevention is any day better than cure. Healthy eating habits and everything that comes around this topic makes no sense unless you’re totally aware of your thoughts, actions, and execution. In order to adopt a healthier lifestyle, we have to follow an integrated approach of mind, body, and soul. When they are in sync when our mind knows why we are doing something when our body follows our thoughts and when our soul feels good about thinking and doing it that’s when the value is added to anything we do.

Information without awareness is futile. We have all the information on the web piled on but why are we not acting on it and doing some good to our health and fitness. We need to become more aware of our needs. All healthy eating habits serve no use unless we are totally aware of our actions. One way to become more aware of what we do is to constantly monitor our actions.

In today’s day and age, we are so busy and live out the box life that we hardly known our real self. We are running constantly chasing our dreams and goals but what is happening inside we hardly care about it. That’s the reason a point comes where you breakdown. Before your body gives a shoutout, listen to it.

Bonus Tip- Sleep Good  – A good quality and peaceful sleep is the backbone to losing fat.

No matter what we do in life we like to do it tension free and our style, right? Likewise, our body wants to be tension free so that it can do its job and when we fill our stomach with too much or too less food our body gets into tension. Make sense.

At present we are stuck in the vicious circle of caffeine kicks in the morning, skipping breakfast, not feeling hungry till evening, overeating adds odd hours, sleeping late, waking up as if haven’t sleep at all. We have to get out of that circle. The day when you wake up feeling hungry and urge to clear your system that’s a sign your healthy eating is showing results. Hunger is a sign of youth, health, peace, and happiness suggest Rujuta Diwekar.

We get ourselves educated, get a well-paid job, and work our tail off to buy ourselves nice fancy clothes, shoes, exotic vacations and completely neglect our stomach. We pay attention to cars, bling watches, designer suits, and accessories and our stomach collects fat for survival and always in fear about its next meal. I feel sad about how much material we have become that we neglect our body. We feed on our material desires but ask our stomach to compensate tea for food.

Healthy eating habits should be adopted for the lifetime that’s the only way get the most of them. I hope these habits will add value in your lives.

Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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