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The 5 Most Important Vitamins for Healthy Hair & Hair Growth

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Our hair is the most important aspect of overall personality. We all long for lengthy and strong locks but due sedentary lifestyle and poor eating we’re losing our hair at a staggering speed. Like the majority of peeps what many people don’t understand is hair growth has a lot to do with diet. Here is our list of the top vitamins for hair growth and healthy tresses.  Markets and drug stores are stacked up with chemical laden products it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Before we get into what essential vitamins you need to stop hair fall let’s talk a bit about the possible reasons why you’re losing hair for a better perspective.  Hair loss is one of the most common issues we face today. Grab a cup of coffee and relax as this is going to be a bit long.

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Hair Loss is not a cosmetic problem it’s a medical one. Still, we look after off-the-shelf products and superficial parlous treatments which are clearly not the answer to the real problem. Healthy hair is a crucial part of your overall personality.

Each and every strand is consistently exposed to sun, sweat, pollution and harsh chemicals from shampoos, conditioners, dyes, styling tools and other environmental factors. On top of that, we often don’t get the full amount of necessary nutrients for basic hair health.

Let’s discuss some common and not-so-common causes of hair loss.

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6 Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Hair

  1. Physical Stress

Physical stress directly impacts your hair. Any kind of physical trauma, illness, surgery even the temporary flu lead to hair loss. Our hair grows in a pattern and when we hit any physical stress our body gets confused. Nothing to fret about however the good news is that hair will get back to normal as your body recovers.

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2. Too much of Vitamin A

Yes, overconsumption is also a problem. Overdoing of vitamin A can trigger hair loss as per leading experts. This is a changeable case of hair loss as once you limit the dosage, hair should grow back normally.

3. Lack of Protein

When you lack protein in your diet the body may share protein by stopping the hair growth. This usually happens about three months after a dip in protein intake. We need proper nutrition for hair growth.

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4. Emotional Stress

Emotional stress triggers the hair loss as it messes up the hormones. Emotional stress can happen due to certain events like death, divorce, over thinking etc. Emotional is not the only reason but yes it triggers the problem. One must try to combat stress and anxiety by working out, staying in nature, talking to others about their problem.

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5. Anemia

Anemia could be the one possible reason for hair loss. Almost one in ten women suffers from iron deficiency from 12 to 50 years of age. It is easily fixable a simple iron supplement would fix the problem.

Along with hair loss, other signs of anemia include exhaustion, headache, dizziness, pale skin, and cold hands and feet.

6. Excessive Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss is a kind of a stress the body experience. The fancy diets trick your body to lose more for a short period of time by creating a major nutrient deficit.

Now that you know how these reasons can land you up into hair troubles let’s see how to prevent them by adding these vitamins in your diet.



5 Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

  1. Vitamin C

This vitamin is essential for growth as it produces collagen which plays a crucial role in growth and maintenance of hair, skin, and nails. It also boosts body’s immunity and protects us against infections and other diseases. Deficiency of the same can lead to hair fall and breaking. You can take Vitamin C supplement but best is to consume it through the natural food resources. Food resources rich in Vitamin C include oranges, kale, papayas, kiwi, lemon, guava, cashew nuts, and bell peppers.

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2. B Vitamins

B Vitamins are commonly known as Vitamin B complex including the entire family of vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12) all these 8 vitamins play a crucial role in keeping us healthy. This vitamin affects our energy, skin, nails, hair, muscles, nerves, metabolism etc. B Vitamins are water-soluble which means they can’t stay for longer period in the body, and which is why it’s important to up your intake of these vitamins.

Out of all B Vitamins, B12 is most important and for best results, you must include them all in your daily diet. The best way to consume these vitamins is through food resources which include eggs, meat, nuts, grains, and vegetables. You can also take supplements if you can’t fulfill your requirement through natural food resources.

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3. Biotin

If you crave for longer and stronger hair then be friends with Biotin. This is one of the fastest used supplements for faster hair growth. B vitamin has its own role to play but biotin has made its own special spot as it plays a vital role in keeping hair healthy. This helps in produce glucose and break down protein into amino acids. Since hair contains keratin which is a form of protein which is why it keeps hair healthy. You can get biotin from eggs, mushroom, peanut butter etc.

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4. Vitamin E

Yes, Vitamin E is not only restricted to its beauty purposes it also repairs and builds tissues which are highly essential for hair growth. Vitamin E food sources include almonds, seeds, broccoli, avocado, almonds, walnuts etc.). Vitamin E reduces the inflammation of the scalp, boost oxygen supply, increase blood circulation and help repair damaged hair follicles.

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes healthy follicle growth. The best way to get this vitamin into your system is to enjoy spending some time in the sun. Otherwise, you can take up the supplement for the same. Research suggests the majority of the population is deficient in Vitamin D which is no brainer a place like India where nearly 9 months sun stays bright. It is next to impossible for peeps to get enough Vitamin D. Apart from supplements vitamin D-rich foods sources include fatty fish (like salmon and tuna), eggs, mushrooms, and milk.





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