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5 Ways to Detoxify Your Mind, Body & Soul


In much the same way you need a holiday from work, your body needs a break from a normal routine or I must say lethal lifestyle choices that we make in and out 24/7/365. The Internet is piled on with like millions of blogs and programs on “How to Detox and Transform Your Body” and many like it. We read them and like them but never go for them. They are not doable and plus it’s not for everyone. We all have different body compositions, lifestyles, and choices we live by then how come.

We all have different body compositions, lifestyles and choices we live by. And, “One size doesn’t fit all“.  In this post, I will tell you about reasons why you need to detox naturally and how you can do it without harming yourself in any way.

We are in the last week of 2016, all set to party and to take that final dip into 2016 and rise & shine into 2017 with new goals and ambitions for our life, health, wellness, abundance and everything in that comes in between. I wish you good luck and healthy life in advance.

I planned this post on purpose, as it might give you something fresh and exotic to try before we say the final goodbye to 2016. For that check out “How to Add Bonus to Your Detox” later in this post. I got various forms of detox that you can do and feel at your best.

In my previous post, we discussed 6 Safe and effective Ways to Burn Belly Fat Faster in which I impressed upon the importance of digestion, metabolism, detox, nutrition and approach towards the workout. We rev up the digestion and metabolism we must consume The Top 15 Fat Burning & Metabolism Booster Foods.  Our next point is Detoxification. Before going any further down this road let’s discuss why we need detox in the first place.

         10 Reasons Why You Need To Detox

1. Detox Removes toxins from the body#

In today’s day and age, the entire ecosystem is overloaded with deadly toxins. And we all know it’s not a good place to be in. Long-term exposure to toxins can affect our overall health and well-being. It can create havoc on metabolism, whack out hormones, slow down metabolism and eventually lead to a host of diseases. Toxins make a place in tissues and cells all over the body if we don’t cleanse them. They come in the form of chemicals, added preservatives, industrial waste, and pollutants present in the ecosystem.

2. Slow premature aging#

Yes, it truly does that!

The good news is you can ditch your expensive creams and opt for a detox. And, the best thing about is that it always work. Detox is a great way to excellent nutrient absorption into your system along with valuable vitamins and anti-oxidants that fight back all sorts of oxidative stress. As a result, the body shuts off free radicals and toxins because of which you age faster than ever.

3.Adds a dash of quality in life#

There is so much to do in life than simply eat, sleep and work but who put in the effort for the “X” factor after 9 to 5 grill. And the next thing you know you are down with some infection, that spinning headache, your metabolism is on the toss, you want but can’t sleep and no matter how much you sleep you feel like a dumb piece of shit.

I rant a lot, don’t I? But that’s the truth it happens all the time and let me tell you guys we hardly think about it.

Maybe our body is shouting out loud and saying “I need to detox”. Can you hear it?

It’s good if you listen to your body well enough. Even if you don’t then also go for a detox on timely basis and notice, there is a world of difference in your energy levels, your behavior and everything that comes under. Our body works way too better when we get rid of toxins. Don’t just read it and the nod goes and try it out.

4. Turbocharges Your Energy Levels #

Like I said detox revs up your metabolism and so your energy levels. It leaves you with more mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. You tend to sleep sound and calm. It is like a reboot to your system.

5. Improve Skin Quality#

A detox is surely a great way to improve the quality of your skin, hair, nails and for an overall glowing health. When you are happy, calm and balanced you feel a sense of lightness and you glow from within but on the flip side when you are stressed or depressed you look aged. Don’t you? It is as simple as that whatever you feel inside shows outside.

You don’t need to shell hell of money to look like a million bucks all you need is a detox. It is harmless and painless. Toxins, fad diets, and pollutant they are responsible for the dull and damaged skin.

6.Mental and Emotional Clarity#

Detox brings your body back into an aligned mode which off course is great for overall well-being. You think clear, analyze well, the state of mind is at calm, you make better decisions which in all crucial for our day-to-day life in general.

It helps you maintain “life-work” balance. And, yes I said “life work balance” not “work-life balance” because your work is “part of life” not life and that’s what we really need to recall. Give yourself a nice break and sulk into it rejuvenate and come back to the mainstream again.

7.Prevent Chronic Disease#

The entire ecosystem is laden with toxins responsible for deadly diseases like cancers, heart stroke, neurological diseases to name a few. Like I said our body has natural healing abilities but due to these toxins it gets layered and with time slows down and we accumulate diseases. A detox is a bath to cells which cleans toxins from the body and let everything works in order.

 8.Boost Immune System#

The immune system works as the shield of the body and protects it from diseases and infections. A slow working immune system makes us catch a cold, infections and flu easily affecting the quality of life. Here comes detox in the picture, timely detox rev up the immune system.

9.Lose Weight#

Add a detox in your regime and see how faster you achieve your fitness goals. You can add detox smoothies into your meals, or you can make detox soup of fresh and seasonal vegetables. The best way to detox is to do add few things in your routine which can keep your body’s natural detox system which means excretion and fat burning working in an appropriate manner. And when your natural body detox is working great along with digestion and metabolism losing weight is no game. You must check The Top 25 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight.

When we toss ourselves with toxins and poor lifestyle choices we kill the body’s natural ability to burn fat which leads to weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and host of other medical conditions. There are many ways lose weight but my top tried and tested are mentioned in this post 11 Things I Always Do When I Want to Lose Weight Naturally.

My whole point of writing these series of post is to get your mind around the basics first than fawning goji berries and other exotic and fancy diet or programs that are piled on everywhere.

10.Reinstates Body’s Natural Healing Abilities#

Our internal mechanism is designed in such a way which helps body itself to achieve optimum health. Our bodies are a self-healing mechanism. But with poor lifestyle choices and toxins, we overload our body’s ability to heal and achieve its purpose.

Our digestion, metabolism, hormones they all get confused and lose the balance. Safe and timely detox helps to regain that balance our body needs.

                        5 Ways to Detox Your Mind, Body & Soul

  1. Choose the Right Foods

Home cooked meal

One of the best and the easiest way to detox naturally is to choose the right kind of foods that support detox process. Go for foods that are organic and seasoned. Foods and vegetables that are processed with preservatives and toxins are harmful and you better avoid them like plague. Read 11 Ways to be Healthy and Happy at the Same Time.

  1. Exercise and Meditation

mindfulness meditation

One should start their day with either short meditation session or a little bit of exercise as both are the surest way to eliminate toxins. Meditation calms our mind and thoughts while exercising helps you sweat out and release toxins. Meditation has been known to reduce cortisol levels which can lead to weight gain and many other hormonal imbalances. In case you missed my previous post on How to reduce cortisol and belly fat faster and 4 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation check them out.

walk more

Stress and depression can be as harmful as chemicals on your health and fitness. Stress and depression raise cortisol levels which lead to various diseases.  An unstable mind can never make the sane decision. Lately, studies have found sweat contain traces of mercury, lead, cadmium etc. Exercise is surely a great way to get rid of toxins through sweating.

3. Fix Your Nutrition First

eat vegetables

If you have read my previous post then you know how much I lay stress on fixing your nutrition first. Nutrition is everything if it’s right you’re good to go. Detoxification is not only about excluding food items from the menu but what you consume. Add foods that have natural detoxify properties like garlic, lemon, ginger, beets, raw fruits and vegetables etc.

You must check my previous post on superfoods that help in detox.

Is Beet the New Viagra?

11 Amazing Ginger Benefits For a Healthier Body, Skin & Hair

There are various sorts of detox you can go for some include only fruits and vegetables some detox smoothies, detox soups, juicing and water cleansing. Try and find what works for you.  Basic is to be organic, vegan and eat seasoned fruits & vegetables.

4. Purify the Air You Breathe


This is one of the easiest and economical ways to reduce toxin from your body. It is breathing clean and fresh air. But we all know the given day and age, we’re living in the most polluted environment and there is nothing we can do about it. But yes we can still have some control over our ambiances.

Make sure you live in a place that has proper ventilation. We can manage this at least if not anything else. At times we don’t realize but smoke, fumes and other substances like them make the house more toxic than the air we breathe outside. Air purifiers come handy if you can afford one or you can also keep plants in your home that work as natural air purifiers. You can always place them in your living area or workspace.

5. Purify Your Body With Water

Drink more water

Our body is made up of 60% water and that says a lot why water is so important when it comes to detox. Our body require water in almost every function that we perform to remove waste which is body’s natural way of removing toxins, for producing saliva, help in sweat etc. And, the sad part is the majority of the population is chronically dehydrated. We may remember when to drink tea, coffee or cocktails for that matter but not water. Most of the times we drink water only when we feel thirsty and by thirst, it means that body is already dehydrated.

When we drink less water it creates numerous problems for us one of them is water retention. The worst thing that happens in Water Retention Conceals Weight Loss Efforts.

If you’re not a fan of drinking plain water then adds some lemon for taste or any fruit of your taste. Go drink it, now!


                      13 Way to Add Bonus to Your Detox

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water each day either plain water or add lemon to taste. You can have it with fruits as per your taste if you’re not a big fan of plain water. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins anyway. One should always drink water half an hour before any meal and then post an hour of the meal. Drinking water on time also keeps the functioning of the body intact. You can also have coconut water. It keeps you well hydrated and it is full of electrolytes. Coconut water helps you lose weight as well. Coconut is beneficial for weight loss to learn How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?
  2. Try and add a brisk walk in your routine and if you reside near the beach or something then you’re golden. If not beach then garden is also a nice option.
  3. Go for a swim, sauna, or steam try anyway to let the skin lose the toxin in natural form. All you need is 30 minutes.
  4. Before jumping into shower go for a mild scrub as it will remove the dead skin and will make you feel lighter.
  5. Get a massage done :). This is my favorite and it works wonders for me at least. It is an ideal way to detox.
  6. Start your day with meditation. Trust me guys it really helps and it’s always better to sit and meditate than to ready e-mails from the client or any other social media crap. Be with yourself for some time and just be mindful. You know you are going to spend your entire day working and boggling here and there anyway. Meditation helps you keep your balance. You can also try yoga sessions if you want some change from workouts and meditation.
  7. Try and avoid coffee, tea or anything that can dehydrate you in any way. Same goes for colas, smoking, and alcohol. You can replace the same with smoothies, juices, and lemonades as well.
  8. Go organic the food you eat, the products use, and see how light and free your body will feel. Try a no makeup day and only sulk in the natural beauty of the real you. If you’re not eating it then why applying either. Go natural and glow within. Eat more local and seasoned fruits and vegetables not only when you are on the detox but in your routine life that’s when the real transformation happens.
  9. Take deep breaths in break ups every breath you exhale is you detoxifying yourself. It not only detoxifies you but also keeps you calm and balanced.
  10. Give dairy and animal products a break as long as you are on detox.
  11. Give yourself a –Digital Detox. Yes, that’s the term is use when I stay complete off from social media. Keep your phone off for some time and see how calm you feel. Stay as if you don’t own one. Be own your own for some time if not days and try hours and see how magically it can transform your mood levels.
  12. Forgive someone and experience the “Spiritual detox”. Letting go of the bad experience from the mind by way of forgiving someone works like a magic. Try that out and let me know how it felt. Forgiveness is divine. Forgiveness heals: Let’s come together and heal.
  13. Give yourself “Me Time”. Love yourself – Have a relationship with yourself. Invest in yourself. Learn something new. Let your brain keep on exploring the new. Travel more reach out more to humanity and see how all your inhibitions, sorrows, depression fades away. Read more on 11 Way Solo Travel Makes You Healthier, Happier, & Smarter.

Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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