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6 Myths and Facts about Coconut Oil : Health Eating Myths

Coconut Oil benefits

“Your children may not look after you in old age but the coconut tree will”, says a Tamil Proverb, Rujuta Diwekar, Indian Superfoods. For those four people who don’t know who Rujuta Diwekar is, pay close attention. She is the Nutritionist behind Kareena Kapoor Khan Bikini Body in Tashan. Coconut Oil benefits are so fasinating that Rujuta dedicated entire chapter in her book.

Coconut is known as Shreefal, The Tree of Life – it gives you everything you desire in life, according to ancient texts. It has been said for the all the right reasons. It has essential fatty acids, a fat similar to what’s found in mother’s feed and also preferred as ergogenic aid ( nutritional supplement) to improve endurance athletes, runners, Superfoods etc, mentioned in Indian Superfoods, Rujuta Diwekar. Along with that, there is a lot of misinformation related to composition and usage coconut oil benefits. The modern day food industry and nutrition science which changes after every research have demonized coconut in every possible manner.

There are countless myths related to the use of Coconut in any form. So, I thought I need to get this post done. I have done one more post on How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

                                                       6 Coconut Oil Myths Debunked Against Coconut Oil Benefits 

Myth: Avoid Coconut if you’re Overweight

Fact: It’s your weight to hip ratio that is the important factor in deciding whether you are at risk of developing weight or obesity-related diseases. In fact, coconut is known for reducing central adiposity which means if you want a slim waist. Make coconut oil your best friend. Coconut oil benefits will help your weight come off for sure

Myth: It is Full of Cholesterol (Bad Fat)

Fact: First of all apply common sense, to produce cholesterol we need a liver. Coconut is a plant food we need no westerner or scientist to prove this fact. In fact, MCT present in coconut reduces the risk of cholesterol. Coconut oil benefits will help you burn fat and in turn dip your bad cholesterol.

Myth: It is high in Calories

Fact: Coconut is rich in fatty acids and lauric acid which is known to improve satiety which eventually reduces the number of calories consumed throughout the day. And, it’s basic logic when you’re satiated you won’t binge on food or any faulty food. It saves you from eating mindlessly. In India coconut is used in garnishing which not only improves the taste but prevents overeating. The coconut oil benefits us in so many ways do use it and check out for yourself.

Myth: It’s bad for the heart

Fact: Now this is a big one! Like I said coconut has lauric acid, a special fatty acid which is good for fat-burning ability. If it is doing such good to your body how can it be bad for the heart?

The coconut oil is divine use it in any form drink it, grate it, grind it, or simply have it raw it will never give you anything bad unless you’re doing good to yourself all other aspects.

Myth: Avoid Coconut if Pregnant

Fact: Coconuts are famous for killing pathogens and even better for yeast infection. If you’re down with an infection or getting active sexually, Coconut is all you need.

Myth: High in fat, not for diabetics

Fact: The addition of fat to the meals reduces the glycemic index of the food which gives you one more reason to have it.

My own experience using  and reaping coconut oil benefits 

Being a health enthusiast, I have tried everything to anything in the name and game of health & fitness.I am not saying I have a perfect body but yes I am quite close to what I aspire but in all of that, I use to notice that with the weight I was losing my charm as well. I am sure a lot of you relate with me and nodding.

We all want to look beautiful every second of our life, don’t we? When my approach changed towards eating right from eating anything to fill myself up changes started to happen. I would like to Thanks to Rujuta Diwekar (her books), Guru Mann (Youtube Channel and Fitness Videos, and many other like them who are providing valuable information regarding Indian food and nutrition.

I discovered the power of super foods, I added them to my diet and not even I lost but I was glowing more than ever. When we start to follow a regime we completely abandon few food groups from our diets, skip the water and other essential vitamins from our diet which are needed for our body to grow and glow. The Internet is piled on with misinformation. You can’t use one diet chart for millions of people out there. Everyone is wired differently and requires a customized plan.

Coming back to super foods, I tried flax seedsbeetroot, cinnamon, ginger, and coconut oil.  The time I added Coconut Oil in my diet, the first thing I felt was calmness in mind. It made me calm and my stress level dipped, I use to sleep better and sound. And, last but not least my skin was hydrated, moisturized and glowing. When you sleep well, eat clean, move more, and stay happy skin glow by default.

You can add coconut oil benefits in your diet and see changes for yourself. If you want any verification on this to asks your grandma any lady around elder than your mom they will tell you the goodness of coconut oil.

Trust me guys, if you want to make changes in your health and fitness. Look for good coconut oil brand and add it to your current fitness regime. You have to keep your body into action that’s the ground rule. And use everything in moderation. One scoop of coconut oil is good enough for a day.

Tip: Never ever leave food groups completely from your diet. By diet, I mean what you eat 24/7/365 not for few days. If you want your changes to last you have added them in your lifestyle as simple as it sounds.

Mistake: When I look back, I recall I was lacking good fat in my diet. At that time, I use to think fat is making me fat. I was unaware of you all. Fat is equally important in our diet to keep our body’s natural fat burning mechanism to work efficiently.

          Coconut Oil  Benefits for Skin & Hair

  1. Coconut oil works as a great hair conditioner due to the presence of antioxidants Vitamin E with its moisturizing properties. The fatty acids in coconut oil can do wonders to your dry and damaged hair and make them really soft and strong. It can take care of your unruly locks as it prevents moisture from entering the hair shaft to create any sort of fizzles. All you need is to apply it on regular basis. It also provides protein to the hair keeps it dandruff free and adds extra gloss to your hair.
  2. The goodness of Vitamin E makes coconut oil perfect moisturizer for dry skin. Benefits of coconut oil for skin are countless. You can even use it a potent night cream. Coconut oil benefits have everything for everyone.
  3. The benefits of coconut oil don’t stop here, there is more to it. We can’t stop you from aging but yes we can delay the wrinkles and fine lines with a daily dose of coconut oil in your diet by adding coconut oil recipes. Like I mentioned, coconut has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which can be used to treat all sorts of skin problems like sunburn, acne, dry skin, redness of the skin, eczema to name a few. Reap coconut oil benefits in the kitchen and outside. It’s divine.
  4. If you keep surfing for hand creams then try using coconut oil and see the difference in your hands. You can keep the coconut oil jar in your kitchen if you do the dishes and feel your hands dry. Right after washing the dishes you can apply it on your hands. I use to have dry hands and I tried everything for it but nothing worked out like it. Coconut oil benefits me a lot in my day-to-day use. It’s multi-purpose, magical and economical.
  5. A lot of boys and girls suffer from dry and chapped lips in winters. Use coconut oil on lips and lock the moisture and stay crack free.
  6. This benefit of coconut oil will surely shock you, it shocked me. It works as a sunscreen too although a very slight amount of SPF is present but doesn’t it sounds cool. You have to apply sunscreen with good SPF when you’re heading out.
  7. If anybody tells you, your stretch marks will go away by using so and so product. They’re lying to you, they won’t. But yes, you can prevent them or reduce them. Yes, coconut oil is what you need., All you have to do is to massage yourself with warm coconut oil to keep your skin soft and supple. You can also apply coconut oil during pregnancy.
  8. If you love to make up just like me then you know how expensive makeup removers are and what happens when you don’t remove makeup properly. The toxins present in the makeup damages the skin. And, you don’t want that right. Due to anti-bacterial properties, coconut oil can work as a great makeup remover. It even makes it easier and with any hassle, it removes the makeup. Try now if you’re wearing makeup.
  9. A lot of you look for gels and creams for eye area or for fine lines around it. They are expensive as hell, right? Try coconut oil instead and treat your eyes.
  10. Coconut oil smells like sweet cookies, don’t they? I truly love the coconut oil fragrance. It can also work as a body’s natural deodorant.Want to save some money on dental bleaching? Try rinsing your mouth with drops of coconut oil or add the same in your paste. It couldn’t be better than this. One super food is so much on value. Go and reap the benefits of coconut oil for skin, hair and overall health & wellness.
  11. If you’re a smart chic like me, you must know how important CTM Routine is for a beautiful and youthful skin. Since coconut oil is rich in fatty acids it has the ability to lock the moisture and save your money on expensive moisturizer and hydrates your skin all over the year. See I am saving a lot of money on the table. Buying coconut oil is better than shelling on expensive creams or gels. Invest in good coconut oil brand and get a bang for your buck.

Top 5 Coconut Oil Brands In India


  1. Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 14 oz (414 ml) – Organic Superfood

Nutiva coconut oil benefits


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  1. Organic Veda Virgin Coconut Oil (500ml)

Organic Veda coconut oil benefits

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  1. Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 1000ML

Max Care Coconut Oil Benefits

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  1. KLF Nirmal Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 1 Ltr

Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil benefits

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  1. Tropical Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ML

Tropical Extra Virgin Coconut Oil benefits

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These are my Top 5 Coconut Oil brands which can be used for cooking as they extra virgin. As I always say, before making any severe changes in your diet do consult your doctor as we all are wired different so are our lives. And, “Moderation” is the magical keyword when it comes to health and fitness.






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