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7 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Even If You’re Single

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For those in love Valentine’s Day is a celebration of their love and for those who are single it’s sort of reality check as a “Single Awareness Day”. For few, it might nothing less than that of a nightmare. There is no need to frustrate or fed-up about your status. All you need is a little dose of positivity and creativity. Let’s jazz up this day and add some new insight on this day to add more ways to love.

7 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Even If You’re Single

1.Do What You’ve Been Missing the Most – Go watch a movie all by yourself, have a coffee or grab a slice of your favorite pizza, it could be anything you’ve been putting off, a call to someone you’ve been missing. Do these tiny things and see what a difference of world it can make in your day.

2. Valentine’s Day is all about love

love yourself

Be high on loving yourself. Treat yourself nicely, go shopping, pamper yourself, and go for a facial or a hairdo. Get a massage done. Sleep, if that’s what you need or buy yourself a drink and enjoy being single. The point is you have to do anything or everything to please yourself.

3. Couple with a single friend and Enjoy Valentine’s Day Offers – This is fun, trust me. It’s any day better than sitting on a couch and cribbing about being single than to go with a friend and avail all the crazy discounts available and watch the others lovers walk by. Being single on Valentine’s Day no longer needs to punt leisure. You just have to fix up your thing. It’s one life. Live it.

4. Be You, Do You

Be You

Where everyone is trying to impress their partners. You can be your comfort at your home, save lots of money which could be used at some other places. Guys you can save money for some car service or something of that sort. Play game, the order the food, enjoy the day and simply do nothing if that works for you on this Valentine’s Day.

5. Accept Your Feelings – On this Valentine’s Day why not accept your feelings without thinking the crap that our mind tells us every second. At times we go so hard on ourselves that we suppress our feelings and stay away from anything and everything that made us feel special,  even someone caring for us. Yes, it sounds strange but people don’t even like someone caring for us.

accept your feelings

Don’t beat yourself too much. You only live once and the chance of you being born is one to 400 trillion. You’re a miracle already. So don’t think too much live your life fully. Sure you have responsibilities, bills to pay and goals to achieve but let me freaking honest with you. You don’t know when your time is going to up.

Our time is limited here. Live your life, love people, spread kindness, Love has no age brackets, no reasons, no bar, nothing it comes in your heart and lights you up with the purity.  I have seen people having a hard time accepting their feelings. This Valentine’s Day breaks you free from things, situations and people that are holding you back.

We go so rigid in some areas of our life to maintain the balance of our goals and ambitions that we miss on the basics of life. At times to gain balance in life we need to let ourselves lose in the flow of life.

  1. Be spontaneous – Use the 5 seconds Rule

If you have an impulse to talk to someone go talk to them. Before your mind gives you a shit load of reasons why shouldn’t do this. This can change your life. It has changed mine. Being spontaneous is the best thing to do. It keeps you active, full of energy and you live in the present moment speak your mind and it couldn’t be better than this. And, I never regret it if it bombs. What could be the better occasion than Valentine’s Day?

Even if you know, it’s not going to work say what you feel and move out gracefully. Leaving things with no ends keep you lusting the aftermath what if, don’t leave any what if the option in life, at max what would happen it will bomb you’ll have the experience to share later in life with your special someone or your kids.

Your life is your story make it interesting add characters, take new turns, spread love, take your chances, do odd, be a square peg in a round hole, be a misfit, break the rules, do the unusual, learn your lessons and beat your mind who feeds upon negativity. I am sorry but we’re wired that way. We are conditioned more upon losing than winning the game.

I feel mishap or accidents or losing someone you love in life these all are times when life tries to impress upon us, to start living fully now in the moment. Don’t wait your life to be perfect to live it. You have to live every moment so god damn well that life matches with your frequency.

No spa could provide you the magical touch your mother has, no beauty can lure your eyes and heart than the beauty of simplicity and intent full of love. You can buy a Mercedes but what’s the use of not having someone on the front seat. I am sure there would be many but that would be but make sure they are for you. True love rarely comes never let it go, even if you the slightest chance of working it out go ahead. This Valentine’s Day takes the plunge and change your life. There is no better day than this to create the most romantic story forever.

The point is to be on the roll. Make that call, sign in for the course, try something new, tell someone how much they mean, there are millions of ways to be spontaneous, do your thing and be happy about it.  Don’t make this Valentine’s Day boring like any other day. Add spark in your life.

  1. Use Words – They Don’t Come Easily

valentine's day

Being a writer, nothing soothes me more than caring words and nothing hurts me than rude words. They say, “It’s only words and words are all I have”, so true. I have seen people don’t come up with right words on the right time and that one conversation can change everything or take up your bond to a whole new level.

This Valentine’s Day spread love to your friends, loved ones and all tell them in real words how much their love and support means to you. It’s simple, easy and in my eyes class apart. Words bring so much value when they are full of intent. Use the right intent and see the magic.

Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with all near and dear ones as you never know you might not get this chance again. You may get hitched and join the league. Spread the love.


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