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7 Health Hacks cum Unique Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Works

Tips for weight loss

 Weight loss isn’t as easy as it sounds and if it were, we wouldn’t have zillion fancy diets and products. In current time, we hardly spare any time for working out, eating the right food and starting a full-fledged regime is not even in the picture. Here’s why I present you seven tiny tweaks that can play a major role in effective weight loss.

These tips for weight loss are suitable for anyone scratching the web to reduce weight, diet tips, or weight loss plans and golden tips to lose weight. This post is a one stop shop for all your needs. Get your basics right and everything will fall into place.

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7 Health Hacks cum Unique Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Works


  1. Drink More Water

tips for weight loss

Did you know that there is one simple thing that most Indian’s are not getting enough of that may help you come off weight, sleep better, feel happy, and be more energetic? This one thing is used in almost all of our bodily functions. It can be a real game changer for you. It is around and we take it for granted. It is WATER!

Drinking more water revs up the metabolism gives you that glowing skin, keeps you stress-free, saves you from untimely headaches and the list goes on and on. No matter which weight loss plans or diet tips you’re following active intake of water is highly essential. Make water your best buddy if you want more from your diet tips or weight loss plans.

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Drinking more water is one the best tips for weight loss ever.

Astonishingly an estimated 80% of Indians are chronically dehydrated!

If you want to reduce weight or following any diet plan already then drinking more water will boost the overall benefits.

2. Be Mindful While Eating

tips for weight loss


“Mindful eating” sounds corny right? But it’s not, trust me. If you want a proof then watch yourself having a meal. So before getting into mindful eating let’s see what mindless eating looks like.

Chances are you’re watching something on your laptop or digging yourself into the phone or talking to someone what’s next. It means you don’t know what your food tastes like; you don’t feel how your food tastes like when it melts into your mouth.

You don’t feel the aroma of the food, flavor of the spices. This is what I call mindless eating.

In order regain the balance of our life, we need mindful eating. It means touching your food, feeling the aroma, taste, the sound of chewing the food.

Yes, it happens when you are connected to yourself. These days’ people are so out and about that it’s hard to feel that way. Everyone is in a rush nobody wants to stop in the moment and feel it. Humans have become machines.

We need nothing new technology to get us into shape and form, all is we need is to have that sense of connection with ourselves.

If you’re reading this far trust me you’re on your way. Be present when you eat. Do nothing except eating. Just like your girlfriend wants all your attention so does your food.

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You can lose weight easily without any diet tips or weight loss plans only if you eat mindfully as eating in this way will leave no room for over eating or binge eating. And, that itself will save you from disaster.

This is the second best tips for weight loss after drinking more water. Both of these tips are simple and easy to follow but we look for the place where we can shell money and that’s not always the case.

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3. Eat Organic

tips for weight loss

By eating organic all I mean is to eat clean home cooked food. The more freshly cooked food you’ll consume the better you’ll feel and look. Eat more fresh and seasoned fruits and vegetables.

Eat food which comes from your soil. Stop eating exotic food which you can’t even pronounce. All these tips for weight loss are simple to follow and maintain.

We need to shift our focus towards what is right for us from what is available in front of us.

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4. Supplements

tips for weight loss

It is highly impossible to take complete nutrition from the food itself which is why we need supplements.  When the body receives complete nutrition it is easier to lose weight.

No tips for weight loss are complete without supplements as generally, it is not possible to complete our nutrition from natural food sources.

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 5. Eat Every Two to Three Hours

Does this happen to you?

You don’t feel like eating in the morning but post 5 pm or meetings don’t know what happens you go for everything that your hands can lay on.  That’s when you call for pizza, soda, samosa and all. You must feel like you have a split personality.

On the other hand, if I ask you to eat every two hours.

Again sounds corny, right? As you play in extremes when you don’t eat and when you eat you eat like baby dinosaurs.

But one thing you don’t get your mind around is when you eat you eat too much at one go and that is creating a problem.

Any healthy eating habit or regime will never let you starve and if it does then you know it’s not for you.

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Here’s the deal. You have to eat in small breaks and small portion sizes. So that your body can digest it nicely and is rest assured that food will come. When we starve ourselves our body gets scared and starts to store fat instead of releasing it into energy. And, that’s the reason why your fancy diets fail every freaking time.

As they tell your body to starve. Once your body gets into conservation mode it can’t think enough and all it does is to store fat. Let’s see the flip side of it.

Yes, I am asking you to eat but eat good, clean and healthy food that can keep you full of nutrition, fiber, and energy. Healthy eating habit is simple and easy don’t confuse it with your high-end celeb diet plans and all.

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If you’re someone looking for a real deal then start eating every two hours. But make sure about the portion sizes. You don’t have to eat big meals every two hours.

See one thing that happens is your body is allowed to work when it gets nutrition and all your hormones and digestion works fine that’s a place where every workout will give you results.

There is a fine line between limits and starvation. Never ever cross the starvation mode. Be physically active and feed your body accordingly. You will never have any issues.

If you notice these tips for weight loss are something you’ve heard millions of times but never followed. The main problem is we overlook a lot of things. And a simple truth is most of the things are quite simple but we like them come to us in a hard way.

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Our body doesn’t understand our meetings, deadlines, and pressures so it will keep on doing its work and ask you for feed but we play smarter than our body and keep giving it tea or coffee to linger on. Once we cross that starvation threshold we eat like we’ll never have next meal. It’s like bad parenting; our body feels like a neglecting child.

You can have small breaks like 5 minutes and have your peanuts, apple, curd or salad that’s how you go entire day. Like you can break up your lunch in two breaks and have it.

This way your body can easily break it, digest, and absorbs nutrients properly.

Eating after every two hours will prevent you from overeating and helps you burn calories. YES, you heard me right, eating frequently helps burning calories.

6. Add Super foods In Your Diet

tips for weight loss


By adding super foods in your diet you can add more nutritional value. Super foods make the meal richer which helps you lose more weight by gaining more muscle.

You can add super foods like coconut oil, ginger, garlic, flaxseed, cinnamon etc. in your meals to make them richer. This is one of the super tips for weight loss to boosting the nutritional value of your meals.

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I love super foods as they’re potent, nutrient-dense and impactful. Super foods add value to the meals. In my previous posts, I have added series of super foods.

Every healthy eating habits list includes super foods. They add value to the meals and boost the process of fat burning and improving health quotient of an individual. Here are some of them.

Coconut oil 

The coconut tree is known as “Tree of Life”  revs up metabolism by kicking in the slow thyroid – works in multiple ways – triggers digestion, metabolism, and detoxification three in one.

If I had to pick one healthy eating habit, I will go for coconut oil.  It serves your mind, body, and soul at one time.

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Aids in weight loss, brain booster, work wonders for diabetics, fight aging process keeps you glowing and here comes the fun part it acts like a Natural Viagra“. It has loads of vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Selenium, Silica, Zinc, Iron, lots of Vitamins, Nitrate, Betacyanin, Glycine, Folic acid, and much more that helps our body in the variety of ways.


Ginger is one super food which works wonders for metabolism, digestion, packed with 40 antioxidants and free radicals can make you look ten years younger, excellent for hair growth and thinning and last but no least increases your sex drive.

There are about 115 unique chemical compounds found in the ginger root. And, 6- gingerol is giving it healing powers that work as a potent anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agent. Healthy eating habits are incomplete without listing this super food.


This spice doesn’t take more than half a teaspoon every day to keep the risk of cancer at bay. The health benefits of cinnamon are countless; we can reap health benefits of cinnamon by adding it into our daily lives. The benefits of cinnamon are diverse and range from cancer, diabetes, inflammation, weight loss, boosting sex drive and so and so forth.

Green Tea Extract 

Consuming green tea on daily basis has a numerous health benefit some of it include increased metabolism which promotes fat burning, enhances brain function, dips the risk of various types of cancer, improves physical performance, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, too good for dental health, lower risk of infection.  Green tea boosts healthy eating habits.

No weight loss plans are complete without green tea. Be it any diet tips or reduce weight articles green tea is a regular feature and for all the right reasons.

Flaxseed (Flax) 

Lately, it is termed as the World’s Healthiest Food known to science. The health benefits of flax seed are gazillionsIt contains 534 calories per 100 grams, corresponding to 55 calories for each tbsp of whole seeds (10 grams).What makes it so unique is the fabrication of nutrition present which is 42% fat, 29% carbohydrates, and 18% protein. It also contains the famous omega 3, fiber (soluble and insoluble) and other plant compounds.  Flax seed benefits are known for its nutritional value around the world. The rich source of micronutrient present, dietary fiber, (mineral) manganese, (Vitamin) vitamin B1, and Omega 3 makes it the world’s healthiest food.

Reduce weight easily by adding these super foods in your diet.  Aren’t these tips for weight loss remarkably simple?

7. Working out


Working out and nutrition goes hand in hand. The basic nature of our body is movement. When we halt that movement process it starts creating problems for us. Sitting is an epidemic.

Try and adjust these tiny tweaks in your lifestyle and see the world of difference they can make. Your workout will complement your weight loss plans or any diet tips you’re following.

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I hope by now you’ve to gain insights on how to reduce weight with some basic tips to lose weight. Before you opt for any sort of diet tips, weight loss plans to reduce weight think once where we’re missing the mark. Don’t just follow anything blindly that comes your way. The Web is flooded with “Golden weight loss tips for women” to “Tips for weight loss faster and forever” and a host of “weight loss plans” which are fancy and starving.

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Use these tips for weight loss and lose weight effectively and naturally.

Use your mind and lose weight!







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