8 Secret Signs A Man Loves You | Signs A Man Loves You But Is Afraid

When it comes to figuring out whether a man is secretly in love with you, body language is key. Yes, you heard us right. The good news is, there are many secret signs a man loves you, may be expressing his love for you without you even realizing it. If you notice clearly you’ll find many such occasions where your man is sending you such signals. For instance, when a man is in love, he may nod while you’re talking, or tilt his head in your direction. He may also make prolonged eye contact, or his pupils may dilate when he looks at you. He may stand close to you, or even touch you without being aware of it. All these small movements speak volumes about how he feels about you. On the other hand, if he seems distant or avoids making eye contact, then those may be signs that he’s not that into you. Kindly, consider them as red flags. Of course, it’s important to take other factors into account as well, such as how he talks to you and how he behaves around other people.

However, paying attention to body language can be a great way to figure out if a man is secretly in love with you. This could be a possibility where they secretly love you but will never tell you. Here’s why in this post we’ve also covered 8 secret signs a man loves you along with signs a man loves you but is afraid. Love without chasing isn’t fun. Look for these signs and enjoy the first level of dating and relationship.

Secret Signs A Man Loves You

  1. Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He is Nervous Around You

When a man loves you but cannot express it, he automatically gets nervous whenever you are around—his body language changes. This is the foremost secret sign a man loves you. Is your man a little clumsy when you’re around. Just check!

2. Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He Looks For Chances To Talk With You and Asks Personal Questions

He waits for chances to talk with you and indirectly asks you questions about your relationship preferences, future goals etc. Your man will keep looking for any chance to get to know you. As he is looking for a future with you and secretly trying to know you. When someone genuinely wants you in their life, they want to know you inside out. And, it all begins with questions and some more questions.

Secret Signs A Man Loves You

3. Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He Helps You Every Time You Are In Need, Even If You Do Not Ask For

He wants to be the first one to help you even before you ask for it. Every man feels like its his duty to help, protect and save his princess. Here’s why he is always stay on guard to keep you safe and protected. Lovely ladies, when a man is in love, he wants to be your hero, always in the action mode.

4.Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He Smiles Subtly Every Time He Looks At You

He can not control his blushing whenever he looks at you. You’ll notice a huge difference they way he looks and smile at you. There’s something you can’t point out, but you’ll know. Its one of the Secret signs a man loves you.

5. Secret Signs A Man Loves You : Teasing You Is His Thing Every Time You Are Around

He playfully teases you and wants to build a connection with you. Teasing and playing around will be his second nature when you’re nearby.

6. Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He Remembers Details About You

He knows every little detail about you and remembers it. You might think, they don’t notice, but they remember tiny details about you and your plans.

7. Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He Becomes Jealous If You Talk With Any Other Guy, And He Even Expresses!

Expressing love is substituted by expressing jealousy. He wants to be your only go-to guy if you need anything, whether hanging out or studying together.

8.Secret Signs A Man Loves You : He Gives You Nicknames

Giving nicknames is the sweetest way of expressing feelings indirectly. You might here different names and joke around your name. Get used to it as he is in love with you.

8 Signs A Man Loves You But Is Afraid

Close up portrait of a lovely young couple sitting on a leather chair while boy is kissing his girlfriend on forehead.

Sometimes a man loves you but is afraid of expressing his feelings for different reasons like rejection. But you can know from his behavior towards you if he likes you. Checkout the signs a man loves you but is afraid.

  1. He Is Different Around You

He behaves completely differently when he is with you. When a man loves you but is afraid, he will show a complete different side of his. You might see him distracted but he is thinking about you every single time.

2. He Stares At You

Even in a room full of people, he stares at you. You caught him staring at you constantly. This is a sure shot signs to know if a man loves you but is afraid to express.

3. He Rans Into You, COINCIDENTALLY. 

He creates chances to bump into you at different places. Trust us, he will leave no stone unturned if he is into you and keep bumping into each other unless you feel its serendipity.

4. He Always Keeps on Joking About You Both Dating Each other

As he is scared to express his feelings, he keeps joking about the same, hoping that you will pick up his hint. No man will directly tell you about his feelings, you have to figure out. Here’s why we keep writing and updating these sort of articles. He might not say it, but will assume situations about you both dating and things of that nature.

5. He Values Your Opinion More Than His Friends

To make you feel more special than his friends, he listens to your opinions and makes it work more than he would listen to a person who is just a friend. Every guy values their bunch of friends he hangs around. But when someone becomes truly special in their eyes. They will keep you above your friend circle and might cancel their plans but not yours.

6. He Walks In The Side Of Traffic When Walking With You

It is the biggest sign that he is extremely protective of you. He pulls you towards the less-traffic side of the road. Even before love a man protects his lady love. If he is the one for you, he will protect you.

7. He Asks For Your Advice Even On Small Matters

He wants to make you feel important in his life. So he seeks advice in every small matter of his life. Not just for formality, your advice matters to them and its a positive sign. In every decent and serious relationship, people talk and discuss about things. Its one of the Secret signs a man loves you.

8. He Compliments You Every Time You Are Around

He always looks for a situation where he can praise you in any way possible. Clearly, when a person is in love or falling in love with someone they notice every tiny single things about the person and leaves no chance to praise them. It’s like they can’t help it, just like their feelings.

These are few signs a man loves you but is afraid, notice all above mentioned points in your partner and help ease him out and enjoy the beauty of relationship.


Every man or woman is different when they are in love. But these “Secret signs a man loves you” will surely help you out. Just keep a keen eye and bookmark this article as you might need it or recommend it to someone.

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