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8 Unique and Loving Ways to Make Good Relationships Great

love yourself first

People are our biggest assets. For keeping any relationship working we need to put in some efforts. And trust me it takes more than love and attraction that keeps the relationship going.

Are you looking for ways to make your current relationship work?

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon the right post. Over years I have realized the one trait that set apart an ordinary relationship to a great fulfilling relationship is “Providing Value”. You may not realize but I have just summed up the greatest lesson when it comes to relationships. All it boils down to providing value. We all want someone in our life who can add value.

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If you see around closely couples married or in any sort of relationship keeps complaining about their other half how irrational they have become.

Be it any relationship ups and downs are part and parcel of it and to strike a balance we’ve to work it out.

Here’s why I wanted to come up with post and finally it is here. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much I did writing this. Grab a cup of coffee and check out unique yet simple ways to provide value in any relationship you deal. If you really care about the person I am sure these little tips will make a difference of world.

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7 Unique and Simple Ways to Make Good Relationship Great


  1. Love Yourself First

Keeping your needs first sounds counter-intuitive but then that’s how it rolls in real life. To give something to the other person you must have it in you. The best thing you can give to other person is self-growth when you take care of yourself and invest in yourself it emits positivity. The person who is happy from within can spread it in multifold.

When getting big on self-care we become a source of happiness and generate lots of love and happiness around. And when you do something for someone from a full heart and concern it shows in your words and actions.

  1. Care Enough

Yes, action speaks louder than words. It has been said for all the right reasons. The best way to show your concern to the other person is to show by doing things that matter. They say, don’t tell me you love me, show me. It’s not always what you say but what you do that stands you out.

Don’t just be a good listener be an active one!

For an example, generally, all girls like to get flowers from their guys. But your girl might like just one single rose and that really sets her in the right tone. For that detailing you have to do some soul searching and pay attention to every single word she/he utters. Trust me it will work wonders for you for years.

It is very simple you just have to care for the person like you do with yourself.

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  1. Appreciating them – Catch them when they’re good

Tell me one person who gets agitated when gets appreciated. You’ll find none. We all do things for each other all the time but we’re so much caught up in the drama that we overlook the idea of appreciating.

It’s going to be a great idea to just stop for a moment and tell the other person how much you appreciate when you just randomly call up and checks if everything is okay. And things of that nature, it could be anything; I hope you got my point.

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  1. Express Your True Feelings

Now, this is the real one. As long as the sun and the moon are there communication is the king. Expressing yourself clearly is the important thing ever and this is the biggest reason why people misunderstand each other.

Our entire life we communicate each other in different ways and means. I know there are many other interesting things to do but then communication done in a right way fits the bill. I hope you understand what I mean.

I have seen people having a hard time expressing what they feel and they just keep looking for songs, quotes, or famous dialogues to express what they mean. For those peeps, I would like to say that when you really think the other person is special for you then don’t look for filters just say what you feel deep inside your heart about the person. It’s simple and the more genuine you’re with your words and feelings the better it is. As what comes from a heart reaches the other heart easily.

One moment can change the dynamics between two people in an instant. If that moment is really coming from a place where you respect and care for the person chances are the other person can make out how honest it is.

For example, if it is the friend you can tell them how much appreciated their presence when everybody walked out on him on so and so occasion. Or tell your parents how lucky you’re to have them as your parents. You feel grateful being raised by them. Actions do speak louder than words but when words matters it matters.

Try this with your loved ones on any given and see how it changes everything between the two of you.

If you’re going through a patchy relationship all you need is a moment where you can truly say what you feel about the situation. Just one conversation can change your relationship.

  1. Accept Them Completely

This is a special one. When two people stay together they come with the past with some good and not so good memories. But we must not forget our true essence of who we are is what we learned through our good and bad experience of life and accepting each other for who they’re and where there is a sane thing to do.

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Being together for life is no joke and especially these days. Judging each other and finding faults in others is very easy and doable. We all can judge each other, find 10 things that annoy us for reasons and no reasons, blame them and pick another person just by swiping right. But where will this end, think honestly and give some time to it.

The reason why I am writing this post is that I have seen people cribbing about past issues which are done, gone and a history but still, people create the fuss over it.

Nobody is perfect but we can accept each other perfectly and make a life together. If you want to make any relationship work for life then accept the person the way they are and provide value to your relation.

  1. Make Them Feel Special

Sure living like friends with your partner is a good way to go but treating them like a special one can strengthen your bond for life. There is so much that goes around us 9 to 5 grill, deadlines, traffic, goals, dreams, home stuff and the to-do list goes on and on.

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We must do some or the other thing for our special someone so that they have something to cherish. It could be as simple as showing up for a coffee at his nearby coffee shop, singing a song for her in your style, buy him that shirt he was eyeing-on while passing by a show room, cook for him non-veg even if you’re a veg I know it’s too much being a vegan I know what I am saying but then do something special or just drive home just to hug them. These are very easy and simple things we can do for our loved ones and make them feel special always. Spending money on expensive gifts or buying her diamonds isn’t everything.

  1. Give Time

Giving your time is one of the best gifts you can give to someone as you’re giving a portion of your life that will not come back again. Sure there must be occasions you let her/him down for some reasons but then you can always take an off and surprise them. Trust me it will work for you in a lot many ways. Call them just to hear their voice and things of that nature.

Trust me there are a lot many ways to show you care, just express yourself.

  1. Listen to Them

Sometimes just by listening to your partner is the best thing you can do. At times all we need is a person who can be around us and listen to us. Be a good listener and this way you can learn a lot about the other person and have ideas how to surprise them later.

Try these tips out and do let me how they worked for you and trust me they will. I would love to receive your comments. Spread love share your experience how a tiny little gesture made your relationship great. It might help someone.

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