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9 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

Benefits of sleep

  I have got an interesting hack for you guys that have been working for me past couple of years that can radically work to improve your health. It’s the most inexpensive and fun way to get ultra-fit. And, yes it is fancy this time. It’s SLEEP!. Yes, you’re going to love me for this. We all love to sleep when we don’t give ourselves shitty excuses. Benefits of sleep are immense to name a few it restores vitality, aids in weight loss, improves the immune system, helps in gaining muscle mass, keeps you younger (that’s true folks), it acts as mind’s best friend, controls imbalanced hormones and list can go on and on. Benefits of sleep are countless but are we using them wisely?

Do you yawn a lot during the day? I tell you yawning at the wrong time can land you into big trouble especially when you are listening to your boss, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend or BFF. Just imagine, I know it is scary. Yawing says a lot about your current sleeping habits. To avoid getting to any such awkward situation we must go back to basics and learn the benefits of sleep if it makes sense.

We have grown up hearing benefits of sleep by our parents and relatives and some nerds around in school, college, or at the workplace. But what do we do, like always, overlook? At night, when we are expected to sleep, we go to play store look at apps that are going viral download them and try to get the hang of it until we go into the alpha zone we don’t sleep. And in the morning we snooze. There is no one to blame  for our own blunders. And it’s high time we get it. Give ourselves a nice break so that our body can enjoy benefits of sleep.

Let’s face it, we are fueling toxins in and out all day every day through the food we eat, thoughts we think, global environment issues, lethal lifestyle choices that we make without thinking about the consequences and the list can go on and on. We need to make healthy eating choices, look for ways to calm mind through mindfulness activities like spending quality time with self, add more ways to walk more, add super foods in your diet like beets or coconut oil and there are much more to go for.

At times we don’t even realize that how these habits are ruining us. It impacts us on a day-to-day level. When we are sleep deprived our behavior changes we make pathetic mistakes in personal or professional life; we need a daily dose of caffeine to come out of a lousy state, feel grumpy all the time for no good reason.


Sometimes all we need is to sleep peacefully and nothing else. Yes, nothing at all. Am I right?


It’s not the quantity of sleep but the quality we need to make the most out of benefits of sleep. And for a right kind of sleep or let me put this way for a healthy sleep we need right ambience and

  •  Calm mind, and You.
  • Make a habit to keep your phone away from your sleeping area.
  • Try and sleep on the same time every day it sets the rhythm with the body.
  • Say a big NO to social media guys at night we need no social engagements.
  • Your sleep is more important than any freaking notification.

Like I always say be high on self-care. Love yourself first and forgive others, forgiveness heals. Be happy calm and contended. let’s dive into the incredible benefits of sleep.

                            9 Amazing  Benefits of Sleep 

#1.Aids in Weight Loss 

Are you looking for weight loss hack? Bravo! You have come to the right spot. The relationship between good night sleep and weight is hard to ignore. Don’t try to reach for the moon in order to lose that ugly layer fat around your thighs or hips or whatever your problem area is. Do you know sleep benefits when it comes to losing weight? Listen to me very good now. It controls your diet rather you looking fo ways to control it. Forget eating right and moving more thing. Sleep is sleep and it is a freaking “must have” for its own obvious reasons. Less than seven hours of sleep can do Ctrl-Z (Undo) to all your clean eating and gym efforts.  One of the most cliche reason after obesity is sleep deprivation backed by many types of research. There are countless sleep benefits that aids in weight loss like

  • Sleep controls stress hormone Cortisol
  • When you are sleeping enough it gives a feeling of satiety. It keeps hunger in control. Keeps you fuller. It also saves you from late night snacking and eventually saves you from being fat. No will power in the world can keep you off from food when you are hungry. It’s hormones that get confused when you sleep lesser.
  • It keeps Leptin in control which speeds up the fat burning mechanism in the most natural way. Enjoy these benefits of sleep

Tip : Never go grocery shopping when you are sleep deprived because you will end up shopping all the stuff you’ll regret later. Backed by research when we are out of sleep for longer periods we make the bad decision, bad food choices and it is happening every. I tell you, it’s like everywhere,  at the restaurants, supermarkets, eating joints, clubs and every possible place you can think of.

Sleeping is good for weight loss


How much is too much ?

Seven hours sleep (uninterrupted) at night is more than enough. If you work more than average individual than go for a day-time nap. It re-energises you. Sleeping more than this can work against your goals. See right from eating,moving, living moderation is the key. Excess of anything is bad. Use wisely.

Nutshell : Sleep on time # Don’t be Interrupted by anything on this entire planet while sleeping # Quality sleep# Noon Nap # Your body stays happy and so your hormones # Easy way to fat loss # benefits of sleep# It’s worth it


#2.Boosts Mental Health 

One of the sleep benefits is it keeps the brain focused and boosts mental health.When you get more sleep at night, you conserve mental energy working long hours throughout the day. Your mood stays in place, you are more into giving mode, listening mode, active and open for new things. But when we are sleep deprived we can’t even open our eyes and make an eye contact. Am I right ?

There is quite a difference of behavior in people sleep less than what is required. Our brain functions differently without sleep. Research revealed a decent an amount of increase in activation of insular cortex which is known for regulating pleasure seeking behaviors. And the bad news is unhealthy food activates this area more than healthy one. Which only means unhealthy food choices on the go.

#3.Keeps you Uber-Fit

Sleep benefits are immense when it comes to overall  health and fitness. It keeps all the essential elements intact. Your mind, body and soul. It’s integration that works wonder. Then whatever you do it comes back as an added bonus. Whatever you will eat will give more results, you would be able to work out better with endurance as sleep gives the best recovery to muscle damage happens during exercise. It’s the most useful hack for people who are trying to gain muscle and are failing at it. Give your body its time and space to grow and heal. Sleep good and stay Uber-fit. 

#4.Balance Hormones 

If you’re someone who is popping hormonal pills and doing all sorts of games to get your hormones back to normal. Then I am talking about you and this post is for you. If you really want to heal yourself all over again, get that energy levels back then you need to get more sleep. Yes, more sleep. No matter how expensive pills you might be popping up but if you’re not friendly with your sleep then I am sorry. It’s not going to work for you. I know we all are busy, in fact super busy, but nothing comes at the cost of your health. There is no point of being the richest man in the grave. Totally your call now.

#5.Counter Ageing 

Have you ever listened to a phrase “Sleeping Beauty“, they call it for a reason? Sleeping counters ageing effects. Yes, it is one great benefits of sleep, it can make you ‘look younger without  burning a whole in your pocket.It’s all connected when you sleep good, you feel good and look good on the flip side when you lesser than normal, you feel tired, and the body produces more the Cortisol hormone which creates inflammation in the body and creates issues for the skin. Clear ?

While you snooze your body repair and recovers your fountain of youth. Trust me nothing works like a good sleep on your skin. You will notice wrinkles fading away, our skin makes new collagen which prevents wrinkles on the skin. It gives us glowing complexion  while sleeping there is a good circulation of blood. Have you noticed that rosy pinky glow on your face when you wake up after a good night’s sleep? Give your eyes more a brighter look than that of those puffier look. When you cheat on sleep it shows on your face.There are more benefits of sleep and you will remember me for this if you’re losing sleep and hair as well.  Our hair gets food when there is a good circulation of blood and while sleep it’s the best time. If you’re short on sleep, I bet you’re short on hair too. For healthier, and fuller hair, increase your sleep hours and see the difference.

#6. Boosts Immune System

One of the great benefits of sleep is it boosts immune system at the cellular level. Like I mentioned before, sleep repairs our body since blood flow is great while we are sleeping. Our body produces molecules while we’re sleeping that helps us fight infection and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It controls stress levels and protects a body from all sorts of negative impacts on environment and pollutants.

#7.  Boon for  Depression

When we sleep our body repair and nourishes itself. Sound sleep produces happy hormones which keep stress at bay. The more we sleep more our body is in harmony with the inner self. By more, I mean sufficient sleep which 7 to 9 hours a day for adults. And, if we reverse the situation. When limited sleep becomes consistent cum chronic in nature it leads to behavioral changes like anxiety, moody, feeling agitated on small issues. And, ultimately it leads to Depression. Are you feeling depressed lately for no good reason?  Look back at your routine and make changes accordingly.

#8. Live Longer

Backed by science, people who get a decent amount of sleep lives longer, healthier, and purposeful life than those who sleep either too less or too much.

#9. Sleep Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Sleep reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes as all hormones work in order and work in favour with the body. Whenever we stay in sync with nature, it benefits us and when we do things abruptly it all gets messed up. Benefits of sleep are immense. People are suffering from diabetes across the globe.

Poor sleep can lead to all sorts of negative effects on the body and this the worst. Loss of sleep resembles Insulin resistance which leads to Diabetes. Lack of sleep hinders the work of insulin and when it is complete whacked out hormones stops working in favor and results in high blood sugar levels.

Benefits of sleep can helps us restore our health in numerous ways. I gave you all the reason for snoozing more, Snooze is good!. Always remember how much is too much. Excess of everything is bad, moderation is the key. If you will remember this simple yet effective rule you will reach your health goals flawlessly. Until we meet again stay healthy and make healthy choices.

Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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