AMP Stories – The New Age Visual Storyteller

Google’s AMP Stories are a cutting-edge approach to storytelling that debuted in 2018. It’s a
deck of cards packed with interesting information meant to hold people’s attention. These
interactive cards are often presented in a carousel format. Brands may tell tales with still
photos, moving pictures, GIFs, and text. Mobile-friendly AMP content is written specifically
for AMP. Stories created using AMP may be read in a portrait orientation on any web

Example of Webstories or AMP stories

With AMP Stories, you can:

● Use narrative and adaptable layout to take your readers on an exciting adventure.
● Draw in consumers with eye-catching images and keep them interested with a
straightforward touch interface.
● Exhibit intricate visual narratives using little technological expertise.
● You can get at them from any device, mobile or desktop.
● Get a free trial of the technology.

This exciting development has a straightforward interface, so even those unfamiliar with
JavaScript may put it through its paces to test the platform. Because of its importance to
Google, the company made it a point to streamline the technological aspects of story

Google AMP: How to Create a Story

Web Stories are really easy to make for any social media user. To create your first online
tale, choose a premade template and begin tweaking. Never lose sight of the fact that
promoting your brand is Google Web Stories’ primary objective.
● Utilizing the amp-story component, one may create a tale that spans many pages.
● Using numerous layers inside a page, you may create different visual effects.
● Utilizing layer templates, one may arrange the components of a page.
● Include sound that plays in the background while a page is being browsed.
● Animate components on a page.

Advantages of AMP Stories

Google Web Stories, previously known as AMP Stories, provide a number of advantages.

● Fast loading

As a result of AMP technology, Google Web Stories may be accessed by users on their
mobile devices in record time. When a page takes too long to load, visitors are less likely to
abandon it because of this.

● Increased Exposure

Once a Web Story is published, it becomes accessible to everyone with an internet
connection. In comparison to the reach of social media, this has a greater impact on the
target audience. A worthwhile strategy for any company that wishes to expand its customer
base outside the realm of social media.

● There is No Expiration Date for AMP Online Stories

In contrast, creating a story on Instagram or Facebook takes a lot of time and only remains
live for a day.

● Improve SEO

Increase your search engine rankings by using Web Stories in instead of individual blog
posts. Search engine optimization is one of their focuses. They boost your company’s
visibility in SERPs.


You should now have an understanding of what AMP Stories are and why they are helpful
for companies. In 2018, Google debuted AMP Stories. In May of 2020, they renamed AMP
Stories as Google Web Stories. It’s a common way for people to share stories on the internet
now, using images and animation.

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