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19 Best Ways to Lose Weight Faster Than Ever

  Are you eyeing for the best way to lose weight? Congratulations, you've stumbled upon the right blog and luckily on the right post. Losing Weight has become, by far, one of the most wanted things in the world, as quite a lot of us feel that we are far too chubby

7 Remarkable Ways to Beat Depression and Extreme Loneliness

extreme loneliness

  Are you feeling sad and lonely? Are you feeling trapped in life depression? Do you feel extreme loneliness? Depression and extreme loneliness track us done no matter how gracefully we watch our steps; we trip. I have been there and I suspect some of you must have been there too. Yes, we’re talking

Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Poor Choices & Minor Mistakes

moving on and letting go

  I’m sitting here at my workstation as I write, drinking coffee, and thinking. Not fantasizing nor wasting time. And not also worrying. Simply thinking why people beat themselves up for something that happened ages ago. This post is for all you who are spending their life in pain for something that

6 Ways to Beat Insomnia and Sleep well : Sleep Disorder


  If your relationship status with your sleep is "Complicated" then this post for you. There are some who switch off the lights get into their beds and bam the next thing you know is, "Snoring". Lucky them. But there are millions out there who find it hard to fall asleep

Life Is Beautiful Inside Out : Eat, Love, Pray, & Laugh Out Loud

life is beautiful

There is no better way to start this post with a glimpse of Eat, Pray, Love movie Julia Roberts rocked it. This movie was all about life and situations that we face and how we overcome them to find the balance in life. At the end, she found her balance in

6 Ways to Live In The Moment – How to Be Present

There are zillions of books written on the "Power of now" or "How to live in the moment " but still we don't pay heed to what it can bring us. We are so busy, that at times we don't even recall what is making us so busy actually. But

The Top 27 Most Popular Post in 2016 at Scoopoflives


Hello readers, As you all know me by now, I firmly believe in eating right, loving more, living fully, and moving out of your comfort zone for living a healthier, happier and a richer life. It is the theme of Scoopooflives. In past five months, I have received an overwhelming response

5 Golden Health Tips That Can Really Change Your Life

healthy tips

When it comes to health and fitness there are gazillions of health tips to give and regimes to follow. It is easy to be baffled which one to go with. Sounds familiar? It seems I know where you are coming from. Sure you're  a curious wanderer like me looking for one perfect