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8 Unique and Loving Ways to Make Good Relationships Great

love yourself first

People are our biggest assets. For keeping any relationship working we need to put in some efforts. And trust me it takes more than love and attraction that keeps the relationship going. Are you looking for ways to make your current relationship work? Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon the right post. Over years

A Bit More

A bit more

                                       A Bit More     When I walked a bit more I learned to dance When I talked a bit more I learned to sing When I learned a bit more I learned to understand When I touched a bit more I learned to feel When I looked a bit more I learned

Forgiveness heals : Let’s come together and heal

sleep well

 "The very person you find it hardest to forgive is the one you need to let go of the most. Forgiveness means letting go. It has nothing to do with condoning the behavior, it's just letting the whole thing go. We do not have to know how to forgive. All

Love Yourself :Have a Relationship with Yourself

  After gravity we are held by relationships of many kinds, there are many roles to play at one time, we have to be a rock star at work, responsible, loving and caring for our family always giving our best but playing all such roles we forget loving our real self.