What Are Google Web Stories?

what are web stories

Web stories are  new aged style of storytelling, a web based version. It allows creator to host the content and they can fully customize the same. It’s a lot like Instagram story telling featuring but on your platform. Web stories are rich in content, visually appealing, engaging, informative and highly tappable. If you like storytelling … Read more

AMP Stories – The New Age Visual Storyteller

AMP Stories – The New Age Visual Storyteller

Google’s AMP Stories are a cutting-edge approach to storytelling that debuted in 2018. It’s a
deck of cards packed with interesting information meant to hold people’s attention. These
interactive cards are often presented in a carousel format. Brands may tell tales with still
photos, moving pictures, GIFs, and text. Mobile-friendly AMP content is written specifically
for AMP.

Everything You Need to Know About Web Stories

Web Stories are an incredible sort of visual storytelling that may assist you in making yourGoogle results more appealing to your target audience.Google Web stories provides users with an experience that is totally immersive, swipe-based, and full-screen. These features were inspired by the stories that are accessible ondifferent social networking platforms. This cutting-edge visual format … Read more