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The Top 7 Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C – “For Timeless Beauty”

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Do you know this beauty vitamin used religiously by the cosmetic industry? They use in creams, lotions, serums name any skin care product and they have it. It is antioxidant it works magic on skin. It makes skin softer, lighter and glowing at the same time. There are multiple benefits of this vitamin we have been using it for treating cold and pesky flu. Any idea which beauty vitamin I am talking about ?

It’s Vitamin C

When you think of Vitamin C uses, what comes to your mind than beating those irksome colds and flu? Do you know Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and our beauty vitamin too? Sure, it’s not as fancy as, say, kiwi, kale or chia seeds, but it tastes way too better than all of these. The beauty benefits of vitamin c are unknown to many which made me write this post.

 “Whatever your definition of beauty is, this beauty vitamin is a resounding part of it.”

Millions of women out there have tried expensive cosmetics and skincare to try and prevent signs of aging. When the most potent and cheapest ways to maintain a healthy glow is by consuming loads of Vitamin C. Yes, you heard me right. Vitamin c is not only for your pesky cold and flu, there is a lot more to it. But wait there’s a catch, though – since it’s a water-soluble vitamin, our body doesn’t  store it, so we need to consume it every day through what we eat!

Superfoods such as amla, kiwi, oranges and goji berries are some of the world’s most richest sources of vitamin C!

Want to know other sources? but first, learn more about Vitamin C.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is highly essential for normal growth of the body and body tissues especially those of joints, bones, gums and teeth. It is a potent antioxidant hence protects against infections like colds and flu healing promote and controls blood cholesterol. The benefits of vitamin c imperative for the proper functioning of the body.

The sources of vitamin c are citrus fruits like amla, berries, kiwi, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges etc. A deficiency in the same can cause scurvy marked by bleeding gums, weakness, anemia, painful and swollen parts of the body, premature aging process and slows down the immune system.

The other sources of vitamin c are fruits and vegetables which can be easily included in daily diet.  If you want to experience the real benefits of vitamin c just increase the daily dose of it and see how your skin changes and many other concerns as a bonus.

Daily Dosage of Vitamin C

The recommended daily dosage is 50 to 75mg a day for adults and 30 to 50 mg for children smokers and older persons need to have the greater need for this vitamin for new cell formation and proper functioning.The sources of vitamin c can be consumed by daily diet as well and also by the supplements if there are no other sources of vitamin c around which is hardly the case.

Vitamin C is therapeutically used in high doses also from 100 to 1000 mg a day as told in “ NatureCure” by Dr. HK Bhakru.  It neutralizes various toxins in the system, boosts up healing processes in almost all cases of healthy and prevents premature aging which all the women on the planet is looking for. Check out some interesting nutritional facts about vitamin c 

As per Dr.Linus Pauling, a world famous chemist and nutrition expert, “since vitamin c is one of the least toxic vitamins, it is very safe to use even in high doses. Our body will take exactly what it needs and excrete any excess naturally, mentioned in “Nature Cure” by Dr. HK Bhakru.

Do you crave for flawless skin?


Are you shelling money for skin lightening expensive products?

Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. I believe a person’s beauty is not only judged by its outer appearance but by inside too. But then we all look for ways to look like million bucks. We all shell whopping amount of money and burn a hole in our pockets for having so and so serum for glowing skin. The benefits of vitamin c can be reaped by applying and consuming as well.

Well here is a good news you don’t need to look further because today we are going to talk about a vitamin that does it all for you.

It gives you the glow you crave for; it heals you from inside and brings out the best version of you. It prevents anti-aging. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for looking the best you. All you need is your daily dose of vitamin C in your diet.

You have to have fruits and vegetables in your diet. The benefits of vitamin c come from the daily intake of it as I mentioned it’s a water soluble vitamin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body. And vitamin c is imperative for the growth of the new cells, maintaining the collagen that keeps the elasticity intact and keeps you look younger.

           Ensure to get plenty of vitamin C in your daily diet to experience these wonderful benefits.

                                    7 Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

  1. Prevents Anti-aging

Always remember Vitamin C for beauty and C for Collagen the glue that sticks the body together. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and it helps you keep looking younger for years by fighting free radical damage that skin goes through as you age. And it also keeps wrinkles at bay along with dryness and blotchiness. I am 29 so skincare is essential after the age of 25 skin starts aging so we all need to take extra care of our skin. I use The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Moisturizer, 1.7 Ounce. I have been using it for years now and I love this product. Since my skin is combination it caters perfectly to my needs.

Do You Use Beauty Vitamin C As Part Of Your Skin Care Routine?


Vitamin C glow boosting cream

2. It Supercharges Your Look And Feels Inside Out

Iron is or energy and lack of it can lead to fatigue and anemia. Despite having of enough iron your body feels tired all the time and for a good reason, you have got a deficiency dude, yes Vitamin C helps you absorb iron from the nutrition you provide your body that keeps you look and feel supercharged all the time. The benefits of vitamin c boost others vitamins too. It works in an integrated manner by working out on multiple things at one time. Just like a true super food does. Every superfood has their own specialty like

Every superfood has their own specialty like beets acts a natural viagra, coconut oil is known as “Tree of Life” coconut oil is used widely for weight loss, and lately I published about Ginger 10x stronger than a chemotherapy. Ginger has surprising benefits for skin, hair, and the body.

3. It Protects Your Skin From Sun Damage!

Are You Looking for a Sunscreen!

Do you know your daily dose of vitamin C act as a mild natural sunscreen? Yes, it truly does. Not only it acts as the natural sunscreen to the skin, it also prevents us from harmful UV rays and damage already done to the skin.

The benefits of vitamin c work under the sun as well, isn’t it awesome. Something that works for you every time just like the mother. It saves us protects us from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun. With these benefits of vitamin, c sunshine can be your pal.

4. It Supports Lustrous, Strong Hair

Do you suffer from dry hair and hair thinning issues? Chances are you are deficient in Vitamin C. Let me put this way, all your hair related issues are due to less intake of this water soluble vitamin. It prevents all sorts of issues related to hair; it makes them lustrous and strong by strengthening the hair follicle and promoting hair growth.

The benefits of vitamin c not only works for the face it does spread its magic on our tresses. Our hair plays a big role in overall personality. Having a bad hair day is one thing but having bad hair days or years for life is like a dent in the personality. I hope you know what I mean. Even if you have good hair, maintain your daily intake of it.

5. It Firms And Tightens Your Skin

Our skin needs an abundance of collagen to keep it firm and tone and vitamin C does the job fabulously. Have you seen dull or lifeless skin, I am sure you have its nothing but a deficiency of Vitamin C or less collagen? For healthy and plump skin increase the intake of Vitamin C in your daily diet. The benefits of vitamin c are immense and the most imperative as it is for your skin, the largest organ of the body. The vitamin c cream for the face at day time works in the sunshine and repairs the skin at night time. At night,  skin repairs and works on the body and so on skin sleep is very important for the skin to spread the magic of nutrients which we consume. So sleep well and enjoy the surprising sleep benefits for the flawless skin.

6. It Helps Repair Any Blemishes

By far we know the beauty of Vitamin C, it is a potent anti-oxidant which repairs and replaces the damaged tissues. It is known for healing cuts and wounds or any acne or bruises. If you’re someone dealing with redness, dryness, and way too much acne problem top up your skin care routine with Vitamin C. Use creams and products that are high in Vitamin C and get your dream skin right away.

7. Gives You Silky Smooth Skin

Let your Lumps, bumps, and rough patches fade away!

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs loads of multivitamins to keep skin hydrated, fresh and glowing unless it becomes rough, scaly and dry. Vitamin C present in creams, serums or lotions improves the texture and appearance of the skin by improving the elasticity as it boosts the collagen formation which keeps the skin tissues together. It keeps the skin thick and promotes circulation and retains moisture in the skin which gives the glowing look to the skin.The benefits of vitamin c work wonder for the skin applied in any form.

Vitamin C cream for face works wonders for the skin lighting, tightening, glowing. You can say it’s the food for the skin. Other vitamins and minerals work as well but vitamin c is above all. As it holds the skin together like a glue and prevents it from sagging or aging. I use The Body Shop Vitamin C  Skin Boost, 30ml for keeping my skin super hydrated and refreshed all the time. It works for me. The beauty benefits of Vitamin c in creams or serums is like a magic potion. You just need a tiny tweak of the product and it takes care of all signs of aging. It’s so great.

The benefits of Vitamin C are truly fabulous and multifaceted. Every cosmetic maker is using this potent vitamin in their products. I love the body shop cream it works for me. I also consume a lot of vitamin c through fruits and vegetables on the everyday basis. And it has made my skin better in so many ways. Are you taking this beauty vitamin?

Stay healthy!

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