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6 Safe and Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat Faster

losing belly fat

I am sure we all some or other point in our lives wonders how to lose belly fat. Sure you have stumbled upon this post after tireless attempts to get rid of belly fat through fad diets, expensive training and everything that comes in between. Moreover, you feel like a failure for not being able to stick by it. You have done everything possible under the sun, over the moon but this belly fat doesn’t seem to budge. If you feel like this then this post if for you. And, the good news is you’ve stumbled upon the right post, ever. If you read it completely this could be life changing. As I am going to lay down facts and only facts without any BS.

The Internet is piled on with millions of diets and programs to get you in the desired shape, form and size but still why the majority of the population is struggling with obesity, weight issues and deadly diseases that come as a package. There is a major disconnect between what works and what doesn’t.

lose belly fat

In this post, we’ll get back to basics which are fundamentals and will always be there, come what may. I am not giving here any diet or program but yes I want you to go back to few basics that we need to adapt. I am not judging any diets or program in any way they do give results but for a temporary period.

We have so many famous diets to name a few Paleo, Atkins, Low carb, no carb, high protein, ketosis and trust me there are much more out there. Here’s a list of what you may have gone through for years.

lose belly fat

All these diets have one thing in common. Any guesses? After all, you have tried them last month, last year, or from last years. One thing is for sure that all these diets believe in completely eliminating certain foods from your diet or restrict nutrients it needs like counting calories, fats, carbs etc. These diets do nothing but trick your body to give results for a short period which seems as if you are going nearer to your goal but nothing of that sort happens. In fact, it creates an imbalance in the body and causes hormonal imbalance.

“You think you are losing belly fat but in actual you trigger your hormones in a way that your body ends up storing fat. These diets restrict you in multiple ways and a time comes where you lose control and in the battle, temptation wins over you end eating what you restricted yourself from and gain few pounds back with a dash of guilt and shame for not having control over yourself.”


Yes, shame and guilt which leads to depression as well. As our mind keep telling us, you’re not good enough because eat that pizza after resisting it for a week. But listen to me, it’s not your fault. The concept of the diet is designed in a way where you are bound to lose every freaking time you try you will lose. And, it happens all the time with you, me and everyone who tried to be on a diet and lost it. Trust me I can imagine your relief.

Stop beating yourself not having the body you always wanted. It’s okay, shit happens. Like I said, it’s not your fault. It’s just you were getting it all wrong.

You think that you need to lose weight to get healthy but the thing is you need to be healthy to lose weight or belly fat.

Make sense. If you ever, ever you want to “lose belly fat” the only way to do is to work towards your health. Yes, make it your priority to be healthy. Let me put this way, you have focused on health than having slim waist line or spot reduction, muscle gain or anything. This all is secondary; first, your body should be healthy enough to lose weight naturally. Our body is designed in such a way that it can burn fat but we mess up our body and blocks our healing system. By adopting ways that are a healthy weight is coming natural and it stays for long and successful.

Bear with me it’s a long post but worth reading. It will help you understand why things work and why they don’t when it comes to losing weight or belly fat to be precise. I want you to go through this post few times until it impresses on you. Get the hang of it and then see where are you missing the mark.

There is no quick fixes or shortcuts and beware of the products and people that claim false notions. Such products can trick your body to lose fat or come off weight but they do it all by messing up the internal harmony that causes hormonal imbalances and the moment you switch to a normal lifestyle you resume all the weight with interest trust me.

When there is a sure shot way to lose it all then why to look for term gains. Look the big picture, my friends. Be smart here, start early give yourself time to adjust overhaul your life nothing will come out of it than a feeling of failure. Your health is in your hands. I know you all are busy and there are many things at stake and you just don’t have time and patience enough to follow zillions things. I got it. But before getting into that, first, know what actually you need. Everybody is different and so their needs.

Read this post till the end and bookmark it. Read it over and over until you get into your head. I am sure it will work like magic for your weight loss journey.

 Losing Belly Fat is Easy – Follow 6 Steps Process

  1. Boost Your Digestion

boost your digestion

First thing comes first when it comes to losing belly fat, boosting your digestion is the first step and if you’re missing it chances you’re never going to make it. Trust me on that, if your digestion is off the hook no matter what food you eat or workout endlessly you won’t see it coming off on the scale.

For losing belly fat strong digestion sets the theme for your body to break down and blend in everything that goes into your mouth. If you’re looking for ways and means for losing belly fat chances are you’re battling with poor digestion. For those losing belly fat is like what the moon is to a child, only a distant dream can come true if they consume foods that boost digestion.

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  1. Rev Up Your Metabolism for Losing Belly Fat Naturally

    lose belly fat


As I mentioned earlier, all these fancy and expensive diets fail like anything. The biggest reason why they fail is that they ban food groups that are essential for long term healthy life. By doing so they trick the body to lose weight but the hard truth about them is they aren’t sustainable.

We need all three essential macronutrients for achieving sustainable weight loss . This is the biggest reason why most fancy diets fail. I don’t want you to do that horrendous mistake. Rather than restricting and torture your body you must add foods in your diet that can boost your metabolism and make your body fat burning mechanism. Yes, there are foods that can make your body a fat burning mechanism and set your body to lose fat than storing it.

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Losing belly fat is no game for someone whose metabolism is on fire.

  1. Go For Detoxification – To Empty Toxins!

    lose belly fat

 Our body accumulate toxins from the food we eat, the air we breathe, products we use including make up (for all makeup lovers), and everything that comes in between. The way we accumulate so much of toxin, it results in slowing our immunity and we catch a cold and flu easily,   and that’s the holy grain of toxins which is why need to flush them out so that we can function the way we are designed. There comes in detoxification in the picture. It simply means putting off the trash (toxins) we collect through multiple things including ecosystem.

“We need to put food into our body that’s has the ability to flush out the waste and help losing belly fat or losing overall weight whatever your concerns are. A healthy detoxification keeps digestion and metabolism on track.”

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Ask any fitness freaks who have been there and done that and will continue the same till their last breath will incorporate detoxification as a long-lasting approach for losing belly fat.


  1. Nutrition is the Medicine


lose belly fat

When it comes to health and fitness, Nutrition is everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. Nutrition holds 80% significance for achieving any sort of fitness goal. Every nutrient has its own importance and if you’re missing on them you won’t have that lively, vivacious and energetic body and lifestyle you crave for. Bad food equals to the bad body as simple as it is.

For an example, losing weight or losing belly fat is your goal. But unless you’re fit enough to burn your fat how you can achieve that goal and nutrition holds 80% of the fate of your goal. So, having a wholesome and nutritious diet is imperative.

Fix your nutrition first, and then think of losing belly fat or abs or anything. Being fit and healthy is the primary goal rests anything that follows is secondary.

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If you follow the right kind of nutrition your body will respond to you in a much better manner. Your digestion, metabolism will work for you not against you keeping all the hormones intact and happy.

  1. Take Supplements With Utmost Care


Now, this is the big one, we are overloaded with supplements in the market. And, 90% of them are not what they claim. They provide zero nutritional value. And, first of all, supplements are an addition to the nutrition. Our primary source of nutrition is the food we consume not supplements. A right supplement will give the result only when your nutrition is correct. Yes, I am talking about every freaking meal you take in and out 24/7/365.

Supplements are not bad but they can harm you if you don’t know how to consume them. Eat good food and then think of taking any supplement and even before adding anything into your diet do consult the concerned person. Making an overhaul in your diet can be harmful. Food is very powerful; all you need is to learn to use it in a proper way. Then losing belly fat or weight will not seem like a distant dream.

  1. No One Plan Fits All 

    no one size fit all

We all are wired differently and so our needs that’s how we roll.

No one plan can fit for all, we all need a customized plan to suit our bodies and lifestyle followed by our medical history if there is any. The Internet is piled on with so much that it cannot provide the exact value that we need. They don’t even know which area we need to work upon. It could be our digestion, metabolism or detox that you may need.

Every single one needs a customized plan of nutrition and workout as per their lifestyle and need. And, by doing we can perfectly address the areas that need more attention.

The whole point is that you whatever strategy you pick to lose belly fat, it must push your mindset and body into the right direction. Our main focus is to get back on healthy track by sticking to increase nutritional abundance that can help you keep balance with your mood and cravings which could prove to be the biggest enemy while losing belly fat.


Apart from the six steps I mentioned in this post. I still got to make few things clear. Even if you do all this and don’t do three things that I am about to mention you won’t see the results coming and you may not reach the goal.

  1. Sleep
  2. Stay Away from Stress
  3. Stay Hydrated


sleep benefits

Guys sleep works wonders to the body whatever regime you follow your sleep decides the quality of it. By that I mean the quality will come from sleep you take. The body grows when you sleep all the functions wear and tear while you sleep. Read more 9 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep.

Do you know you change your sleeping postures at night around times for better functioning? Our body is a great mechanism it heals itself and when you don’t sleep well that mechanism stops working for you and rather it works against you by creating an imbalance in the body.

Sleep well beat your stress and drink water regularly

Beat Stress Levels

mindfulness meditation

In this day and age, where people running for money, power, and position. They don’t know where to stop and de-stress themselves and as a result accumulate diseases.  4 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation works as a great stress booster and also control Cortisol levels which again is the biggest reason for having a belly fat. Learn How to Reduce Cortisol and Belly Fat Faster?

Stay Hydrated

health benefits of drinking water


Staying hydrated counts a lot when it comes to losing belly fat or weight overall as our body can retain water if don’t drink enough. Water retention can hide all your weight loss efforts.Is Water Retention Concealing Your Weight Loss Efforts?  Water works as a therapy as our body is majority composed of water.

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When it comes to transforming your body you literally need to change your habits then only you will be able to see that change. If you’re someone who is looking for a change that is temporary then you can Google and download millions of diet plans and you may lose too but only for short period of time and will resume the same or more than that again. But if you’re someone who is smart enough to change the game for you and trick your body to burn fat forever, continue reading this post. It is written for you. I believe in the bigger picture.

Thank you for reading this far. I am glad you made a right decision. If you take a moment and capture the essence this post, then you’re golden.

I am not against overeaters or emotional eaters but yes I love the word “moderation” whenever I think of eating. Our bodies are way too smart, it tells us how much is too much for us. And, if we actually listen to what our body is telling us, we can save ourselves from a lot of trouble.

Until we meet again stay healthy and blessed.

Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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