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Green Tea Extract Benefits for Weight Loss (EGCG) – Top 5 Green Tea Products to Use in 2017

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The whole world is rejoicing the Green Tea Benefits with “Epigallocatechin gallate  (EGCG)”, a plant compound present in Green Tea. If you’re someone looking for easy and doable hacks for weight loss then congratulations you have stumbled upon the right post and the right blog.

Well if you know me then you know I can talk you through very well when it comes to weight loss or be getting into eating healthy. But today instead of talking you through let me walk you through the most effective way to lose weight off which I have been doing for years to boost my health regimes. See I am not talking about any magic pill or potion but yes something I truly believe in the – Green tea extracts benefits.

If you’re someone looking for easy and doable hacks for weight loss?

Coming back to “Epigallocatechin gallate  (EGCG)” Research suggests, consuming green tea on daily basis has a numerous health benefit some of it include increased metabolism which promotes fat burning, enhances brain function, dips the risk of various types of cancer, improves physical performance, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, too good for dental health, lower risk of infection. And yes, it does contain caffeine – A great way to kickstart your day. It’s a humble request – Don’t add too much of the sugar, milk, and honey they add empty calories that can counteract and smashes up with the goodness of green tea benefits.

Let’s talk a bit more in detail about EGCG and what it contains that makes it so potent.

Green Tea Benefits for Weight Loss


How I use Green Tea Benefits In My Routine?

Green tea is a modern day warm beverage that aids in boosting metabolism and eventually weight loss. Green Tea contains substances named Polyphenols and Catechins, work in the body to force it to release stored fat. It also encompasses a plant compound which is known as  EGCG that helps in burning stored fat.

The polyphenols compound found in green tea work to upsurge thermogenesis, it’s the rate at which calories are burned, which raises metabolism. It contributes in increasing metabolism while improving fat oxidation and leads to weight loss Adding green tea is a sure shot way to burn more calories with less effort by boosting your metabolism.

As per American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, studies suggest men who consumed a blend of caffeine and green tea extracts burned more calories. Like I said, green tea is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols and Catechins which have various health benefits and also help in weight loss.

The best and the only way to incorporate green tea benefits into your life is to have it daily. Yes, daily is the word.  You need not get into too much statistics here like how much EGCG is there in one cup of a tea to reap real green tea benefits.  All you have to do is to have it daily and let it do its job. The other significant thing is to not brew it for longer than 3 minutes as it leaves the tea bitter and of no use, as you simply can’t enjoy it. All the goodness, aroma and everything that matters goes into the air.

And last but not the least, don’t add sugar, milk, or anything to enhance the look and feel of the tea. Just have it as it is plain and raw. The best way to have it.

When to Drink Green Tea?

The best time to consume green tea depends upon your fitness goal. You want to rev up your metabolism, weight loss or for its antioxidants properties.  Green tea has various other effects on the body so it is very important to know when to drink green tea. Chalk out your goal first and then add green tea into your routine as per your goal. To read more on when to drink green tea – The Best Time to Drink Green Tea.

Top Green Tea Products to Use ( Enjoy Green Tea Benefits)

  1. Organic India – Organic India Tulsi 100gms

Organic India Tulsi Green tea

Organic India is my favorite brand when it comes to incorporating green tea benefits. It has tulsi in its products and that’s the reason I use this product the most. It has the most calming and soothing effects on me. We all know tulsi is a potent antioxidant and it full of nutrients that are essential for overall health. If you’re someone who catches a cold and cough easily you must try Organic Tulsi tea.

Organic Tea is commonly available and it is a very economical product. You can easily afford it. It has many flavors if you love variety. I have tried many green tea products but I always get my hands on this products. Like I have tried many so that’s how I know it works for me and I feel great using this product.

Green Tea benefits are innumerable, I am not only using this product for maintaining weight but the feel good factor it brings along. I am not a big fan of tea bags so I use loose leaves.  Price range is quite affordable you can get a pack in INR. 220 which can last you for over 2 months, it does for me as I keep switching with other brands as well but yes most of the times I use Organic only.

2. Basilur ( Sri Lanka) – Basilur Leaf of Ceylon Tea Bags, Kandy, 200g

Basilur green tea benefits

The best thing about this Green tea is Ceylon, for those who don’t know what Ceylon go check out my post on 13 Eye-Opening Cinnamon Health Benefits For A Healthier Life. Ceylon is a “True cinnamon”. It is the one such spice that results in effective weight loss and also keeps it off.For losing weight, we need a stabilized blood sugar and cinnamon is loaded with antioxidant which not only stabilizes blood but also boosts metabolism. Basilur is imported from Sri Lanka, which makes it the little bit costly. It could cost around INR.699.

3. Lipton – Lipton Pure & Light Green Tea, 250g

Lipton green tea benefits

Our next product needs no introduction. It is the most used and old one. It’s the cheapest one in this list. You can have it in as little as INR 169. The best feature of this product is, it is additives free and mad with young tea leaves. The only thing I don’t  like about this product is, it taste changes if you brew it even a bit more than what it is required. Otherwise, it’s good to go with.

4. Tetley – Tetley Green Tea, Lemon & Honey, 30 Tea Bags

tetley green tea benefits

Tetley brand was the first ever green tea brand launched in India. Since then there has been a rage in green tea extracts but the demand for this brand has never dipped and it only happens for a reason. It is truly a brand. It tastes good, its packaging is great, it is affordable.

You may find it a bit bitter than the rest of the products mentioned in the list. But that’s how it rolls and works for me. I prefer dark chocolate than the normal one. So I guess I can stomach it, do check out for yourself. It comes in various flavors like aloe vera, citrus, ginger and lemon, cinnamon and honey,  lemon and honey. I prefer honey lemon the most.

5. Happy Valley – Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Green Tea Bags – Pack Of 4 (25 Tea Bags Each)

happy valley green tea benefits

This brand was suggested by a fellow friend of mine. And, I am glad I tried this product. This product is from Darjeeling, completely organic. This is full of antioxidants food for the skin as well. I keep on switching between Organic and Happy Valley the most. The basic and the foremost job of any green tea is to get your body rid of toxins we accumulate on daily basis through the food we eat, places we go, thoughts we think and there millions of ways to get into your system. And, the happy valley is good at what it does. I am on for it.

Take Away Message – Moderation is the magical keyword.

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