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How to Reduce Cortisol & Belly Fat Faster ?

Cortisol hormone

 Stress is the main culprit!

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone, produced from cholesterol located on top of kidneys in the two adrenal glands. Generally, it is released in response to stressful circumstances. It plays a vital role in the flight or fight response. It takes over when you are in stress like for an example when you see your client’s call at an odd hour, your body reacts like there is some deadly goof up discovered. Your heart pounds, you gasp breathe, you feel the sweat, that rush in the blood is the adrenaline released out of stress. In this post, we’ll discuss how dealing with stress can let you lose weight and live better along with 14 simple and easy ways to cope with stress.

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There are many reasons that contribute to high cortisol levels. The most obvious sign is if you struggle to get out of the bed in the morning chances are you have got a whacked out cortisol or way too much cortisol. You must be thinking why she is boring us here with this hormone and stuff. I know this might come as a boring one but it’s the only thing you need to know if you’re looking for a radiantly healthy life. Or let me put this way if you want a disease free, a fat-free body and a healthy life then bear with me.

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Thanks for continuing with me on this post. I appreciate the effort made by. This tells you to want changes to and trust me you’re at the right place and luckily you have stumbled upon the right blog and right post.

In my previous post, I talked about,” How to Fix Hormonal Imbalance  Naturally“. Hormones are very important for the proper functioning of the mind and body. We must take good care of every sign that our body gives us. Besides we must understand our needs properly and love yourself, have a relationship with yourself first.

Cortisol plays a very important role in the nutrition science and the better you understand it more your life will become easier. Knowledge is very powerful. Cortisol can be your best friend or foe.

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The cortisol levels prepare your body to fight against danger or at events of danger when you have to run for your life. It’s a physiological ring. It comes into play when faced with immediate danger. But when there is an ongoing level of high cortisol in the body it increases the fat storage capacity in the fat cells of your belly also known as visceral fat.

The stress is the major reason for the high cortisol levels. We all have some or the other thing that creates stress in our life. This is the reason why every other person you meet is carrying a belly fat. Cortisol helps in regulating energy by selecting the right type of food group in appropriate amounts for example protein, fat carbs for the body to meet the functional demands.

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Our Body is a Natural Self-Healing Mechanism

Our body has healing properties it knows how to fight infections, prevents against antibodies, kills cancerous cells, heals ulcers, makes lesions fade is broken bones. But, but, but here comes a reality check.

When our body is stressed out, the healing mechanism turns off itself!

And it tells us how we turn off our healing process and accumulate diseases.

Cortisol and Stress are Interlinked

Cortisol is commonly known as a “Stress Hormone“. Stress has serious effects on the mind, body, and soul. Stress promotes negative thinking and the rest follows. At the initial stage, we don’t realize stress is the silent killer it won’t make the sound but it will leave you speechless with its effects on your health. We ignore headaches for no reason, sleepless nights, hair fall, change in behavior and mood swings, dry skin. Our body gives sign but we overlook.

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When it comes to weight loss people generally follow eat less and move more” approach which is not appropriate. There is a lot more to it. Our hormones play a vital role in our weight loss. And the worst thing is people don’t even know how these hormones are playing on them and unknowingly they are getting deep on the whole.Have you ever been at a place in your life where you tried every freaking thing to get rid of bulging fat? And nothing worked out for you, even after being consistent in your efforts.

It’s very important to find out the basic root cause of your problem. See we all are different and so is our lifestyle and choices. No one approach fit for all. We all are wired differently all we have to find is what works for us and against us.

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Cortisol hormone could be the reason behind all your failed weight loss attempts and if not all then for most of them. It’s a vicious circle do listen carefully and see where you are missing it.When we are stressed, the reason could be any, work pressure, family issues, health issues, it could be anything from the present, past or about the future.The more stress we take cortisol increases and so our stress levels and that’s how it worsens.

Stress impacts sleep insanely and the more sleep deprived we become it lowers our leptin levels. The lower the levels the body doesn’t receive fullness signals or satiety and keeps on consuming empty calories. We eat more and eventually gain. Sleep is very important for the growth and proper functioning of the body. We must sleep 8 to 9 hours a day. Sleep more and enjoy surprising health benefits of sleep.

Scientifically, when our leptin ( Check Leptin Resistant: Are You Leptin Resistant?) goes down and it rings scarcity alarm which makes our body store more on fat and after that no matter how much you work out or eat quality meals at the right time. They won’t give you any results. That’s the reasons why expensive diet fails miserably. You gain water weight or water retention conceals your weight loss efforts. All they do is to trick your body for short term result and once you leave all that you gain double.

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How To Reduce Cortisol For Weight Loss

To reduce high cortisol for weight loss we need to adopt an integrated approach where we can learn to de-stress ourselves and fix the nutrition. Yes, my friends, stand-alone nutrition won’t ring the bell we need to find out ways to fix stress levels.

If you’re some like me, then can find ways to focus on what makes us happy. If you can’t fix your reasons that give you stress than add on reasons that give you unconditional happiness. Like  Solo Travelling, it’s divine it works like magic or if you want to tag along with your loved one or a buddy. Nothing like it. You can opt for dance class or any hobby class. Go for hiking, driving, gardening, spend time with toddlers and anything makes sense to you.

I am telling you this from my personal experience. No, I don’t have kids but my sister does twins. You know what spending time with toddlers teaches a lot. They fall every time, everywhere and they get up dust off themselves and move on to something else, they don’t keep grudges like us neither keep account of all bad that happens and keep beating themselves for nothing. They just laugh at everything. They are so pure and selfless that pure aura will give you immense happiness. Like, if you have a baby you know what I am talking about or if you don’t have one I am sure you have them around your friends may have or neighbors. Just go and see how they live and learn from them how to live or relive again. And if you want more, just hug them all your sorrows will go into vain trust me. In that moment, you will enjoy what purity is and your takeaway will be a huge smile on your face and a sense of lightness within.

Cortisol & Weight loss

Cortisol and weight loss are interlinked and so is cortisol and stress. When our body experiences high cortisol levels due to stress the cortisol hormone triggers the threat alarm in the body. In that situation, a signal reaches to our mind that there are scarcity and body turns on the fat storage mode. And, shuts down the metabolism & slows down all the required function which causes us weight gain. And not only weight gain, due to this chronic stress the alarm stays constant and as a result sabotages all weight loss efforts it makes weight loss harder. No matter how fancy diet you are following unless the situation turns around for the good, you won’t see any results. This is the reason why expensive diets fail miserably.

Our body is a great mechanism all we need is to learn how we are wired to it. And the better we control our stress the better it is for our weight loss and overall health. I hope I have made myself clear enough on how cortisol and weight loss are linked to each other and how cortisol and stress can affect us. All we need is to control our high cortisol levels. I have listed points I find relevant and works magic in the given situation. So without wasting time.

Let’s dive in.

   14 Ways to Reduce Cortisol and Belly Fat Naturally


  1. Find what stresses you

    Try and analyze what stresses you out and maintain a decent distance from people and events.

  2. Change Your Focus

    Learn to change your mindset towards things that trigger your stress patterns. Try to see them in a different light.

  3. Let Go of the Past

    Forget and forgive people, events, circumstances or anything you are holding on to. Forgiveness heals is the biggest and oldest wounds. We just have to take steps.

  4. Meditate

    Practice mindfulness meditation. Silence is very powerful and it heals us, calms our mind down.

  5. Me Time

    Spend some quality time with yourself and do what makes you happy. Play a sport, read something, cook, gardening, music find what works for you and stay more on the happier side of life.

    6. Feel Good

    Learn the art of changing your mood from bad to good. If you master this art you will solve 90% of your problems. Bad and negative thoughts are triggers that put us into the worst state of being.

7. Find What Works For You and Stick To It

Find what makes you genuinely happy and whenever you are pissed off do something that can alter your vibration. Like if you love some track, play it when you want to change your mind or talk to someone, watch something different that makes you happy. Get out of that mode and as soon you get out of that zone you can change your vibration and save yourself from the adverse effects of the same.

8. Hold On to the Positive Stat-Of-Being

It nowhere means running out of the situation, all it means is to stay in a good state and later when you are a calmer state then take any step there will be better decisions made with positive outcomes. It won’t happen overnight but yes with continuous practice everything will fall into place.

9. Fix Your Nutrition

Make healthy food choices for a healthier you.

10. Eat Clean

The types of food we eat affect our mood and behavior. You are what you eat; it has been said time and again for all the right reasons.

11. Mind your Company

Stay in good company with like-minded people.

12. Learn New Things

Keep learning new things. It will keep your vibration high and your brain active.

13.  Gratitude

When you feel gratitude you will feel more love and happiness and it will lower stress levels. Being in a good vibration is all we need to do.

14. Get Moving

You need to involve your body into activities that pump you up, makes you sweaty so that you can lose body weight. I can’t emphasize more on it. When we work out our body releases a happy hormone that reduces our stress levels. Don’t ignore it. Move more and get going.

Over years I have realized that dealing with stress in a right manner is the only way to let it out from the system. We must work out on ways to cope with stress.

I hope you understand now for being healthy it’s not only eating less or move more approach that fits in. There is more to it. Balanced hormones are very important for a healthy life. I hope you got the reason why aren’t you losing the belly fat after trying everything under the sun, over the sun and everything that comes in between.

Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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