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Is Water Retention Concealing Your Weight Loss Efforts?


Water Retention

What is Water Retention?

The University of Maryland Medical Center defines water retention as the accumulation of abnormally large amounts of bodily fluid. It is also known as edema. It usually occurs during premenstrual syndrome, excessive intake of salt, medication, disease or excessive sitting or standing.

If you want to know how water retention can hide all your efforts you put in into the trash and even makes you look fatter, read the entire post if you want to know what to do about it.

And you think you’re fat, because of fat. No, it’s not always fat that makes you fat or looks fat. It’s water retained by your body which conceals your fat loss efforts by storing water in tissues. I know how frustrating it is when you work insanely on your body and diet plan and nothing shows up. I know it really sucks, I have been through this phase where I logged hours in working out and planned every single meal but this belly fat never budged out.

There are countless ways where we contribute in our own health havoc by eating more than what is expected in the cheating days, accidently consuming more calories as per goal, by sitting all day every day, stunningly overestimating the amount of energy you burn every day.

What causes Water Retention?

There are many reasons that cause water retention in our body. I am listing down few basic reasons that cause water retention.


  1. Sitting for too long – I told you sitting is epidemic, being in one position like sitting for too long that happens in our 9 to 5 desk jobs, while driving, watching TV and list can go on and on. Basically, the life we live in a box these days causes water retention. Water gets accumulated in ankles causes swelling. Guys, I know you cannot get away with this 9 to 5 trap or drive or watching TV for that matter. But we can always take a break and walk around. It’s simple and we all can do it. Am I right ? or Am I right ?

Sitting is epidemic2. Intake of excessive salt or sugar – Excessive intake of salt makes the body retain water and causes swelling. And likewise, excessive sugar (insulin) makes the excretion process of sodium cumbersome. Avoid eating excessive salt or sugar in your food. Say a big NO to processed food items, anything and everything that contains excessive sugar or salt is not for you. It’s all unreal. You can use lime instead of salt or excessive salt and have fruits that have real sweetness.

Limit Salt intake3. Pregnancy– In the third trimester, it is common to face water retention issues.

Pregnancy Water retention4. Premenstrual syndrome edema – Female body goes through many hormonal changes and before especially before menstruation chances of water retention increases.

5. The improper functioning of kidneys- It is difficult to get rid of excessive fluid retained by the body when kidneys do not function well.

6. Blockage in the lymphatic system – this type of water retention is commonly known as lymphoedema. It generally happens with people who move less than what is the necessity also known as couch potatoes it is a choice. But there are people who have no choice than to be on the bed due to medical conditions. These long hauls and immovability cause water retention and make it hard for the lymphatic system to drain excessive fluid out of the system.

So now do you know, water retention is the culprit. Well, I don’t want you to go through this frustration, so I wrote this post. And by the end of the post, you’re going to know why water retention happens, how to get over it and most importantly how to bring back your life to normal and yes that includes weight loss.

So now we know all the possible reasons that cause water retention in our body. Yes, it’s a concern and an eye opener for many. The body is like a machinery, it functions in so many ways. We should take care of our body. It is the only place we live in. Jim Rohn put his thoughts quite nicely here.

We talked about the problem, now let’s work on the solutions. Below I have listed proven ways to lose water weight, by that I mean water retained by the body. By making few changes in the daily lifestyle and eating habits we can get rid of this monster. Listen to me carefully friends, everything is possible, start small and be smart.

                                 Proven Ways to Lose Water Weight Fast and Naturally

  1. Limit salt intake – Salt is a mineral that has the tendency to retain water in the body cells. Avoid eating food with excessive salt which especially means food that is packaged. There is an enormous amount of salt in food that we consume from popcorns, soups we order in, potato chips etc.

reduce salt intake

2. Drink More Water  to reduce Water Retention – Yes you need to drink more water, understand the simple logic here, think why your body is retaining water, it is because you in scarce of water and your mind thinks It will not get water now so from then on every drop is stored in body and makes you look fatter, swollen up. So don’t take your body to this level. Drink more water to release the excess of salt, toxins, and waste that needs an outlet.

Drink more water

  1. Increase Intake of Vitamin C – The daily dose of vitamin c reduces the tendency of the capillaries to leak. It flushes out excessive toxins from the body and also the  water retained by the body. It before hand bridges the gap. Prevention is the best cure.

Vitamin C

  1. Take Care of Cortisol – Cortisol is a hormone which is released in response to stress in our body. Your body retains water when hormones are out of whack. In this fast paced life, there are many outlets of stress so we need to find ways to remove stress from our life. Manage your stress levels to get rid of water retention. You can try meditation, have a sound sleep, breathing exercises, or simply do nothing for some time, be nothing and enjoy yourself in this nothingness.


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5. Increase Potassium – Potassium is the only mineral that counters the effects of sodium. Yes, potassium rich food has properties that help the body to release excessive salt. It’s the right time to add bananas in your daily diet and see the water weight coming off. Potassium rich food works wonder for water retention problems by maintaining the pH levels of the body. You can add skimmed milk, pears, bananas, pumpkin etc are rich sources of potassium.

potassium intake

  1. Take Multivitamins – Lack of essential multivitamins also make it hard for the body to release excessive fluids.  All vitamins and minerals are essential but vitamin B1, B5, B6 along with calcium is vital for proper functioning of the body. Every vitamin and mineral have its role to play.
  2.  Increase Your Fiber Intake to get rid of Water Retention –  Fiber is immensely beneficial for the body to get rid of water retention. Since, fiber help the body to remove toxins, salt and excessive fluids retained by the body. Fresh fruits and vegetable are the rich sources of fiber. You can add fiber in the form of salads, juices, and can have them raw.

fruits and vegiess

8. Dance –
Try dancing it is fun and you sweat a lot. It is one of the most entertaining ways to get rid of water retention. When you dance, you feel happy and it also controls Cortisol levels. Do you need any more reasons to dance ? Go dance.


9. Get High of Self-Love –  You need to get big on Self-love. Indulge in yourself, give yourself time and enjoy what we call “Me Time “.  Love yourself and keep your mind,body, and soul happy. When we are the happy majority of our problems doesn’t seem like a problem and moreover, it gives us a healthy state of mind. When we are in a good state of mind, we look at things and situations in the different light.

Love yourselff

10. Walk More and Stay Away From Water Retention – There is nothing easy, simple and effective than walking. Just by walking more on a daily basis it helps a body to release excessive fluids from the body. Walking has immense benefits. They say all best things in life comes for free like breathing, air, water, love and so is true for walking. It can keep many ailments at bay.

Walk More

11. Workout Cures Water Retention – In order to release excessive water, salt or toxins we need to sweat out and that happens with the workout. A proper 45 minutes workout on the basis is best for the body to sweat it out. Apart from the workout, one can add activities in their routine that help the body to sweat profusely.

Workout more

12. Increase the Intake of Caffeine – When consumed in proportionate quantity caffeine works as a diuretic and help the body to get rid of water retained by the body. Quantity matters since excessive caffeine lead to dehydration and we don’t want that to happen.

I hope now water retention is no more an issue of concern for you all. You know it all, right ?

If you care for someone share this post. Remember “Sharing is Caring.

Until we meet again stay healthy stay blessed.


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