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Life Is Beautiful Inside Out : Eat, Love, Pray, & Laugh Out Loud

life is beautiful

There is no better way to start this post with a glimpse of Eat, Pray, Love movie Julia Roberts rocked it.

This movie was all about life and situations that we face and how we overcome them to find the balance in life. At the end, she found her balance in life and her relationship with herself and others. Life is beautiful and one should live it beautifully.

How should you expect to live your life?

 With pleasure and liveliness, Pleasure should come not only from serving the society but also from enjoying the best things in life.  Just live them & enjoy, you don’t need to own something to enjoy it.

Have you seen Butterfly? Its lifespan is so short, yet it enjoys itself comprehensively.Goes from one flower to another, again the most beautiful Creation of god. It sucks nectar- sweetest thing in nature. Give it anything else to eat or drink, but it only chooses the best of all “Honey”. Likewise, we should speak softly only sweetly. Sweetness is the secret of a beautiful life. Once we articulate sweetly the entire world will speak sweetly to us. This should be our nature.

What do we in temples? We place a stone there and offer puja or archana, which means we lavish praise on the stone for all qualities we admire.

Invoking agni and offer to eulogize, not one or two but crore prayers each time. By doing so, we devote supremacy of faith in that stone. Likewise, we should develop the ability to appreciate the good in everyone. If we are happy and so are others, our speech will become sweet. Life then becomes smooth, weightless. Otherwise, the mind is full of problems and we are always ready to fight. If we develop sattvic qualities, wherever we go we will be happy.

We are also quick to point out different things that disturbed our equanimity. If you think deeply you will find the fault always lies with others, never do you find yourself at fault! Actually, it is another way round.

One day a man felt he needed to talk to god. He went into the forest where he saw a sage sitting in meditation. He cited his doubts. The sage told him

To accumulate rainwater in a pot and look into it till the muddle settled. “When you see your face in the water, you will know you have got wisdom.”

The man did as asked. Just as water was becoming lucid and he was beginning to see his face, the sage disturbed the pot. He did this repeatedly.

Ultimately the seeker got upset. “I am not disturbing it. I just shook it,” said the sage. It is the nature of worldly things that people keep “disturbing “or interfering with your time & life.

So if you find that someone has put you in a bad state of mind and so you cannot say nice words, or that when you see a person you remember His bad qualities and find nothing to praise, you know that the external world has disturbed the pot in your mind. Don’t let it happen. If happiness is there within you, you will not quarrel. And to look out that contentment you have to find divine in everyone.

 (As told to Sudhamahi Regunathan. Balgangadharnath Swami is the 71st pontiff of the Adichunchanagiri Mutt, Karnataka.)

The people or circumstances that take you out of your power have extraordinary value: They reveal your limiting beliefs, fears, and false assumptions. – Robin Sharma

Kahlil Gibran, one wrote: “I have learned silence from talkative, toleration from the in toleration, and kindness from the unkind: yet, strange, I am grateful to those teachers. So, next time if a co-worker buzz you off, a rude person at social gathering gets you going walk over, give them a hug in return for the gift they just gave you trust me they really did.

-Robin Sharma

 Life is beautiful quotes


life is beautiful


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is truly all about experiments, the more the better. I completely live by this quote. From experiments, you get to explore, learn, and live more lively. Life is all about tasting different experiments and before saying no to something do taste life. Life is beautiful!

life is beautiful

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” —Maya Angelou

Don’t do things just for the heck of it. Give in your everything your passion, compassion, kindness, humor, intensity and make something out of nothing. Add some spice in your life be a creator and pay back to nature.

life is beautiful

“The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed”.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next second, where life will take us emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually then why do we worry and fear. The best thing is nothing is controllable in life and neither guaranteed. Life is beautiful, live it and make every event and moment count.



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