Pokemon : The Japanese Anime

What is Pokemon?


Originally conceived in Japan, Pokemon is a series of fictional creatures that have been trained by humans and captured. They fight by using elemental attacks and psychic attacks, and often sprout talons and fangs to harm their opponents.

In Japan, Pokemon are considered kami, or supernatural beings. Some are insects, while others resemble mythical monsters and plants. Some are also based on kami found in Shintoism.

The Pokemon universe grew from Satoshi Tajiri’s passion for bug collecting. Eventually, he began a hobby of creating the creatures. He wanted to create an environment where they could live together and be a part of society.

The Pokemon series puts the emphasis on the relationship between the human and Pokemon. Some Pokemon are trained by humans while others are kept as pets.

The first Pokemon anime was released in September 1998. The series was originally filmed in Japan, and North America received the first two Pokemon movies in September 2006.

Despite its origins as a Japanese anime, the Pokemon name has been adopted by millions around the world. The Pokemon franchise includes animated series, toys, books, video games, and the popular trading card game. Its success is attributed to its cute characters, and the simplicity of its evolution mechanic.

There are hundreds of Pokemon, and they all have their own special powers. Most are shaped like animals, though they can also resemble plants, machines, and mythical creatures. Depending on the “type” of Pokemon, they can have special abilities such as being able to manipulate energy.

The name Pokemon is a bit of a misnomer. There are more than 900 documented species, and they are not always considered natural living creatures. Many are based on specific kami in Shintoism.

In the Pokemon world, ordinary real-world animals are few and far between. There are hundreds of Pokemon to choose from, including such names as Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Snubbull.

Pokemon’s ability to manipulate matter by way of paranormal means has also earned it a place in the pop culture lexicon. For example, Pokemon can bring back dead people. They can also control people’s minds with moves like Hypnosis.

Pokemon’s success hasn’t been without controversy. In fact, it has been banned on some school campuses. PETA has also condemned the Pokemon franchise for its treatment of “animals”.


Pokemon has inspired hundreds of toys, books, clothing lines, and more. Pokemon was also the basis for a popular trading card game. In the game, players collect Pokemon cards to use in a series of fights. The cards are designated with a circle, star, or diamond, and they usually contain elemental cards or trainer cards.

Pokemon is one of the longest-running CCGs. Generally, there are about a dozen types of Pokemon in the trading card game. There are also Legendary Pokemon, which do not evolve. These are powerful cards that are only found in booster packs.https://www.youtube.com/embed/ojiBuA97rdc

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