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Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Poor Choices & Minor Mistakes

 moving on and letting go

I’m sitting here at my workstation as I write, drinking coffee, and thinking. Not fantasizing nor wasting time. And not also worrying. Simply thinking why people beat themselves up for something that happened ages ago.

This post is for all you who are spending their life in pain for something that happened to them and still live like a prisoner in this free world.

Don’t waste another second in pain. Thanks for reading this far. I am glad you stumbled upon this post and thanks for your attention it means the world to me. I completely understand how you feel at the moment trust me I have lived on this spot for years. I know what it tastes like.

I would love to share the story of P J Miller to give you an insight.

Failure, rejection or learning whichever way you may look at it. We all think differently about things and events that happen around us. Based upon the experiences, thoughts, and feedback we receive from loved ones, peers, and others we make up a story in our mind. The story could be a positive one or a negative one. It depends upon the thoughts, experiences, and feedback and trusts me there are various other factors that you can’t put finger on.

For all those folks who think their past is controlling their present and future must listen to this carefully. It really doesn’t matter what happened in the past it’s gone, forgone and history.

Moving on with a mindset that history will repeat itself that notion itself is a destructive way of thinking about something. This is the reason why we keep getting the same results over and over in life.

It could be anything from getting attracted to all wrong people and events in life.

Sure you’re stressed and frustrated and don’t want any sort of conversation in that direction but still, I would implore you to stop in that moment and go through it one more time, last time.

There are far more intelligent, smartest, successful people than you who have made far dumber mistakes than you. And, if you need a validation then you must watch this man talking. Take your time out and listen to this talk and get back to this post. As it is going to bring you much-needed breakthrough, it does for me.

Take your time out and listen to this talk and get back to this post. As it is going to bring you much-needed breakthrough, it does for me.

P K Miller – Listen to him on what’s important in life at the end of the day. One decision changed his life forever.


Just so you know this man, twenty-three years ago, in the wee hours of a November night during his sophomore year at Princeton, BJ Miller ’93 was horsing around with friends after leaving a party.

He climbed on top of the parked Dinky shuttle train, and 11,000 volts arced from the power line through the watch on his left hand, running through his body. He was severely burned and nearly died.

The accident resulted in the loss of his legs below the knee and his left forearm. Today Miller is a palliative-care doctor, working to ease patients’ physical and emotional suffering at their most vulnerable point in life — something for which he’s eminently qualified.

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He walks, hikes, and bikes on carbon-fiber prosthetics that look like supple metallic bones. To know more read here P J Miller – Wounded Healer

He also added,


“Too much good stuff has come out of it. I was not headed toward a career in medicine before the accident and I don’t think I’d be as good a palliative care physician if I hadn’t had that experience….

“The gift was that it got me out of the habit of thinking about the future and comparing myself to others. It rammed me into the present moment. I’m actually grateful for that. I found a new confidence.” – P J Miller


If you think too much about mistakes done by you in the past then hear this out carefully there is no way you can delete your mistakes without deleting some of the finest parts of your personality.

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Peeps will make you feel terrible of what mistakes you made in life and you’ll meet many of them trust me don’t be one of them, at least.

Whoever you’re today in this moment the richness, deepness of your essence comes from the choices you made, decisions you take,  mistakes happened. You’re a gross of all. Then why you keep beating yourself up for that one missed mark or too many for that matter. It’s ok to make mistakes or failing at something. J.K Rowling very nicely puts it in these lines.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”

– J. K. Rowling

One must work on letting go of the past and moving on in life for a better tomorrow.

A better approach would be a focus on beginning a new relationship with you instead of trying to erase yourself. Accept yourself wherever you’re and with what you have and love what those mistakes have given you as they made you the real you.  If you want more results in any area of your life dropping the baggage is the fastest way to reach there. Learn to love yourself the way you’re and confidence will follow you naturally.

If you want more results in any area of your life dropping the baggage is the fastest way to reach there. Learn to love yourself the way you’re and confidence will follow you naturally.

Learn to love yourself the way you’re and confidence will follow you naturally.

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This post is just an insight, thanks for your attention.  Stop trying to change your past. Start creating the future you want NOW. I want to thank Matthew Hussey as this post is an extension of his thoughts I heard a couple of days back and it really helped me overcome the darkness I went through.

I know this post has been overwhelming, for some letting go of the past isn’t a cake walk. I would like to put an end to this post with some moving on and letting go quotes.

I believe moving on quotes help you a lot in moving forward in life. You never know where your breakthrough will come from in life it could be a word, video, podcast or something. Just be in the flow of life and see what life brings to you.

We need to focus on, “Moving on and letting go”, then pondering, dwelling and crying over the same.

Few Quotes on – Moving on and letting go….

  1. “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

Erich Fromm


2. “Your past does not equal your future.”

Anthony Robbins


3. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.”

Lao Tzu


4. “Just remember, when you should grab something, grab it; when you should let go, let go.”



5. “Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem and 95% of their time on the solution. Get over it and crush it.”

Anthony Robbins

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    You have shared an inspirational post here. I think everybody makes minor mistakes and for that we just need to try something which will overlay the issue.


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