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The Journey – From Creation to Creator

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We all are born in this world as human being, known as the finest creation of God. Yes, God, but who is he, has anyone ever seen him around, what is he like in real. Some say he is the almighty, the one force behind this cosmos, the creator, who created us. It doesn’t matter what we think, nothing brings us to reality. We believe what our values and belief systems are conditioned upon.

The journey is from being the creation to be a creator yourself. It is your duty to reach the highest point of you from where it all begins, that is your source, and there is your creator.  Life gives us many occasions to fall back on the self. We have to start from within, it started from within, which means it all is in there and it is you who can take it to the next level.

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In this life, people think so much, that they are accumulating diseases. One should and must realize the fact, that we as human beings, till date doesn’t exactly know our location and existence in the entire universe, we are center or the corner, or whether there is any center in reality. The life we are living isn’t in our control. Life is a passing phase; it is to live in the moment, not at all about worrying and wasting the moment.

But yes, when we leave we must leave behind something that counts and better than we found it. We must give back what we receive when we arrive. It is always about being kind. We are considered as the highest form of creation. Someone created you; it is your time, to be the creator. Be one.

Every human being must feel this honor of being a creator.  Create a whole new world of possibilities, love, abundance and harmony. Away from fear, procrastination, low self-esteem and indifference.


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