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The Top 25 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

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You’re working your face off in the gym, restricting carbs after 7pm, drinking green tea thrice a day, still not losing weight on the scale. The reason could be many for not losing weight  let’s get to the bottom, I have chalked out top 25 reasons why you’re not losing weight . Find out where you’re going wrong in your journey.

I know how infuriating it is when you put your time, space and energy into fitness regime and it bombs. Trust me I have been here and I understand how you must be feeling. This is the reason why I am writing this post. So, curl up and let’s get started.

                                        The Top 25 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight 

  1. You’re not eating breakfast


The first and the biggest mistake you make every morning by skipping your breakfast or not having it properly. Sure skipping a meal is a superb way to save calories but rather than giving you a slim waistline your body will hold on fat because skipping food means being starved for the body. And, we don’t need that.  You miss anything but not your breakfast.

I have seen many people don’t prefer to eat in the morning. It is the biggest mistake of your day. When your body breaks fast after a long break it needs food to start metabolism and whatever you eat in the morning gives you more benefit. Have a complete diet that works for you, skipping is a big no. And, do keep in mind that people who take nutritious breakfast on consistent basis lose more weight. Breakfast is the best time to have fruits, protein, and fiber.

  1. Water Retention


This  is one of the biggest reason why you are not losing weight , and even if you are losing weight you won’t see it on a scale because other than fat water gets stored in our cells that makes us look fat. It is not always the fat that makes you look fat. Water retention happens due to many reasons  like excessive standing or sitting, medication, premenstrual syndrome, less water intake, stress, too much salt or sugar intake, inadequate protein consumption sabotaging your weight-loss goals.

I know how bad it feels when you don’t see the weight coming off.  I have been through water retention problem so I know how it feels sluggish and bloated all the time. In my weight loss journey, water retention was a goon because of which I was not losing weight . To overcome water retention, reduce salt intake and add potassium-rich foods to your diet, drink plenty of water and be stress-free.

  1. You are eating too much

eating too much

Yes, dude, you’re eating too much. The sooner you accept the fact the better it is for your own health’s sake. This should be on top but never mind all points are important and worth mentioning. I need you to be honest here, watch yourself for a day or two and see how much extra and mindless you binge on food like it’s all calorie free and will cause no harm to your body. You need to replace your bad habits with good one, this is the only way out. To fix all the problems you are dealing here can only be fixed by making some changes in your nutrition. Your eating habits are stopping you from not losing weight.

  1. You don’t drink water

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You are drinking water only when you feel you’re thirsty. Experts say your body is already dehydrated when you feel you’re thirsty. Drink water in on and off and don’t let your body reach to dehydrate mode. Drinking water regularly can keep your weight off according to recent studies. Include fruits and vegetables that are filled with water, it helps you feel fuller, causing you eat less than normal. Drinking water before meals saves you from mindless eating.




  1. You Overeat Healthy Foods

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Coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, whole wheat, peanut butter, are all good sources of fat and are healthy but they do contain a lot of calories. You must know how much is too much especially when dealing with good fats.





6. You don’t sleep enough


Sure you’re busy and making time for your work and workouts but don’t overlook your sleep in the way, it’s a golden secret for all who are trying to lose weight. We all love to sleep don’t we and it is for good, it relaxes our system and helps it perform better.  If you need extra energy in your day-to-day life, in your workouts, you need to sleep better without any distractions.  Sound sleep regulates hormones and control appetite which prevents mindlessly eating at odd hours.

  1. You don’t get enough veggies

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Are you eating enough veggies in your diet? Veggies are nutritious, less in calories and the fiber present keeps the body feeling fuller for hours. Ideally, a dieter must eat five to seven servings of fresh vegetables and fruits to get better results and keep the weight off.


  1. You wear oversize clothes

Sure you love comfy and loose clothes, but comfy attire allows you to overlook what you actually look like inside which works against your fitness goals. Keep pushing yourself; instead, buy clothes that give you shape and let you think about how you look. The more sense of body image you have in your mind, the sooner you act on it. A word of caution, by wearing an outfit that gives a healthy sense of body image doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself about how you look. It’s just a way to keep you on track. Be constructive in your thought process and productive in outcomes.

  1. You drink too much soda


Yes, my dear friends no matter how hard it is to digest your daily dose of soda is sabotaging your weight-loss deadline, same goes for drinks that include diet in their label. If you want to see drastic changes, drop soda from your life and see the magic happening. I know it’s hard to get rid of sodas at one go, so rather than dropping replace it with lemonade or some fruit juice, find what works for you and the  stick to it. When next you think why you are not losing weight, watch your soda.



  1. You don’t eat enough

Are you saving calories by starving yourself for better results? It’s useless, so stop doing that right away. This is the concept of eating less and get slim is freaking famous I tell you it’s everywhere. By starving yourself, you are setting yourself for excess snacking and large portion size meals by dinner time and that messes up your metabolism too. This could be the biggest reason why are you not losing weight  all these years.

  1. You pick wrong foods post workout

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The  snacks are very important part of your diet plan since the food you eat before and after workout prepares your body to burn more calories while post workout meal gives recovery to your muscles. When we workout our muscles breaks down and to recover the same we need nutritious snack post workout. An ideal post-workout snack should be around 150 calories because it’s just a snack, not a meal so calories differ. Pick right post workout snack don’t much on high calories to drain your efforts.

  1. You are too perfect

Yes, this also happens, you are so dedicated that you never cheat your meals and workouts. It’s good but we are humans and temptations are good. Indulge in food that gives you temptation and doesn’t worry about a healthy diet, eating once or twice will not budge your efforts, and also you need not workout more for eating that pie last night, backed by science.  I know this option goes for very few people out there but this could be the reason you are not losing those last few pounds.

  1. Your cheating is making you fat

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Yes, you heard me right. Cheating on your cheating meals is making you fat. The cheating meal is added to give your taste buds a boost which eventually fires up your metabolism. Reduce your intake of fat and sugary drinks in cheat meals.  Watch out your next one.

  1. You are not managing your energy balance properly

By consuming food we add energy into the body and through physical activity we release energy. When we sit more and eat more, we mess up our bodies.  This unused stored energy is fat. It creates an imbalance of energy which gives us more problems like stress, depression, hormonal imbalance, and the list can go on and on. Life is all about balance, isn’t it?

  1. You are eating more than you think

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This is tricky now. You think you are following your diet plan correctly but  tiny tweaks like using a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon, eat good fat in double quantities, cooking the food in a wrong way all such things makes you eat more than you think.



  1. Leaving food groups completely

By leaving certain food groups completely from your meal makes imbalance in nutrition. Don’t listen to so and so and accept it. Like people say all the time, fat is bad, but that’s incomplete information. Eating good fat in limited quantity makes you lose fat. Likewise, people are terrified with carbs; they completely omit carbs from their diet and wondering why their energy levels are low or why their hormones are out of whack. Clear your food basics before eliminating or adding it your plate. Every meal gives you an opportunity to nourish your body.

  1. Crash diets

Going on crash diets with limited nutrition is again very harmful to our bodies. We all have studied in our school days, for a healthy body, we need a balanced diet which means wholesome diet every nutrient in appropriate quantity, unlike crash diets.

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Yes, we need to restrict the caloric intake but not on nutrition. We need nutrition from food to do our day-to-day work. Cutting out all carbs or fats will not give you the results. Instead, these crash diets can turn your body into fat storing mode. So from now on, say a big no to crash diets and accept diet that works a wholesome diet.

Our research in nutrition science and food is in novel terms. At one time, a news come that carbs are bad then they say carbs are good for fat loss. Then the fat is bad for weight loss than good fat is best for losing fat.

Nowadays they say probiotics are good, tomorrow will be something else. This will go on. The best thing is to watch what your grandparents take what habits keep them going. You will get it. The point is eating everything but in moderation and make more movements. The human body is meant for movement and with the advancement of technology, there is no need to move, everything comes with a plus and minus.

  1.  Is your Thyroid Out of Whack?

An underactive thyroid will not let you burn more calories causing unused calories to store as a fat. Have you checked your thyroid lately? You never know this could be the reason why you are not losing weight  for days, months, and years.

  1. Eating Too many Bad Carbs 

Like I said in my previous post, all carbs are not created equal, there are two types of carbs. Intake of bad carbs could be the reason why your weight is not coming off the way you expect. And the more bad carbs you take your store more water in your body and it hinders fat loss. So you see how it all is related, one wrong habit can lead you to multiple disorders. For detailed information on good carbs vs. bad carbs check out the link below.

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  1. Avoiding Low Fat Foods – You are fat because you think fat makes you fat. It’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s sugar that is making you store fat. When body consumes more sugar with minimal body workout, the body starts to store fat than burning it as fuel. Since there is no activity happening to burn that stored energy into fuel, you can’t lose fat. Good fat foods like nuts, coconut oil, flax seeds, and peanut butter these good fat foods help you lose fat when taken in appropriate amounts.  Low intake of  good fat foods can also hinder you from not losing weight .
  1. Junk Food

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Indulgence in junk food is the sure shot reason why can’t lose it.  And if, you continue  you better forget losing weight. Junk food is loaded with bad fat, sugary drinks, salty appetizers, sodas, creamy and buttery burgers; every single meal you take at the eating joints is adding a pile of fat.Torching junk food is the best way to lose fat, in fact, it is the fastest way to lose fat.



  1.  Sedentary lifestyle – Eating Late, Sleeping Late 

If you want a diet that works, be friendly with time. Timing matters a  lot when you want to lose weight. Messy lifestyle will impact your hormones and will work against you and will sabotage every effort you make to lose weight. And, once your hormones are out of whack, you can stroll your body to the end of time, it will never give you results.Our sedentary lifestyle is the only reason why we are not losing weight.

23. Epidemic Sitting

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Sitting is epidemic. And the most obvious reason why you are not losing weight . Yes, sitting is killing you, at much faster rate than smoking. If you are into 8 hrs job, at your desk, with hardly any breaks, then I am talking about you. This can kill you, make sense. The human body is meant to move and today’s where everything is available with a single touch. It’s become a matter of concern. Move more add more activities into your routine. Take frequent breaks from your screens and this goes for my fellow blogger friends too. After every hour walk for 2 to 3 minutes. Walking is the best and the least you can do.

24. Eating too fast

CREDIT : Google
CREDIT : Google

Do you know? It takes 20 minutes for your brain to reach the signal, you’re full. The habit of eating fast leaves you with the famished feeling which make you binge more than ever.





  1. You don’t connect with your food


Being present in the moment is all you need, have a relationship with your food. Just like your give your partner a quality time by focusing on them keeping away all distractions. Same goes for food, when you keep away all your gadgets away and only savor your meal, you eat less, you mind calms down, you connect with your food and it saves you from mindless eating. Never eat while watching TV or your smartphone. You don’t even realize how much you pile on when your mind is distracted.



Let’s see how to fix these problems and get you going.


  1. To combat water retention, keep your sodium and potassium intake steady and meditation to balance your cortisol level.

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2. Reduce your cheat meals to one and restrict the fat intake as well.

3. Burn more energy by adding physical activity to your routine you love. This way you will burn more calories without even realizing.

4. Keep a journal; write your every plan in fact plan meals

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5. Be flexible and reverse diet if you’re not getting results. Audit yourself and make necessary changes accordingly.

6. Add more healthy habits in your routine

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