Valentine’s Week 2023 | Valentine Week Days Name With Date

Valentine week day
Valentine week day

What is Valentine’s Day?

In no time, you’ll be saying today is Valentine’s day and would be looking for that unique gift item for him or her. And, why not? Valentine’s day is one of the most loved and much-awaited times of the year. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year and is the day when couples, friends, and family express their love for one another. Valentine’s week is the week of love. Every couple waits for this week and celebrates it in the most special way possible. Starting from rose day till Valentine’s day, this week celebrates every aspect of a romantic relationship between two people. Valentine’s week 2023 is starting from 7th February to 14th February.  In this post, you’ll find detailed information about Valentine’s Week Days Name with Date.

Valentine's gift ideas 2023’s gift ideas 2023

If you are one of those persons who forgets the order of days in valentine’s week, here is the valentine week 2023 full list.

Valentine Week Days Name with Date 

Valentine Week | Valentine Week Days Name With Date

Starting with Rose day, then Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Kiss day, Hug day, and finally Valentine’s day. The days mentioned here are respective to the dates from 7th to 14th February. Enjoy the best 8 days of the year full of love and joy celebrated across the globe.

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Unique valentine's day gift ideas 2023
Unique valentine’s day gift ideas 2023

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Story of Valentine

There are so many stories about how and who started this celebration of love, Valentine’s week. One of those stories is about a Christian martyr Saint Valentine. He brought sight to the blind daughter of his jailer. That’s where the theme of romance and love added to the name of valentine’s. Some folk stories claim that Saint Valentine wrote a letter to the daughter of his jailer and ended with “Your Valentine” right before his execution. That’s why the term “valentine” is now synonymous with “love”. 

Some other folk stories tell that Saint Valentine performed weddings for numerous Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

Another record says that in the 8th century, the Gelasian Sacramentary recorded the celebration of the feast of Saint Valentine on 14th February. Later in the 14th or 15th century,  this day got associated with the theme of love or romance. Couples started celebrating the day of love and started sending gifts, and letters on this day to reassure their love for their partners. With time, days kept getting added to this love day and Valentine’s week started which is now the biggest celebration of romantic relationships. 

Valentine’s Week Day 1: Rose Day, 7th February, Tuesday

Rose day marks the beginning of this romantic Valentine’s week. This day tells about the importance of roses in a romantic relationship because all of it starts with a red rose. Couples everywhere celebrate it with enthusiasm, happiness, and love in their hearts. If you want to express your love for your partner, crush, or anyone; there can not be a better day than a rose day. With a bunch of roses and gifts in your hand, love in your heart, and romance in your eyes, go to your Valentine and make them feel special.  Roses are special no matter what people call them. There is something about them, maybe it’s the fragrance, the color, or the shape, it hooks you and you can never forget someone who gifted you roses ever.

Rose day is the day when people show their immense love and inner feelings to their partners because roses speak silently and express your feelings in a language that only your partner can listen to through his/her heart. To be honest, Nothing can express love and romance better than a bunch of red roses if gifted from the heart. That’s why Valentine’s week starts its journey from this day, by expressing your feelings to your beloved one. You can find the best gift and make it personalized with a poem, quote, or special message for your partner because personalization hands down much-needed love to your gifts.

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Valentine’s Week Day 2: Propose Day

If you notice, days in Valentine’s week flow in a very natural manner, the way a relationship should move forward. In that flow, Propose day comes in second. It is celebrated on 8th February every year. In Valentine’s week 2023, Propose day falls on a Wednesday. As the name suggests,  people propose to their partners, crushes, or beloved ones with different purposes in their hearts. The proposal can be for marriage, a relationship, dating, or anything. This day tells us the importance of asking someone for their permission. When we propose, we ask our lovers for their permission to love them, to marry them, or to just date them. That’s why this celebration is special. If you love someone but have been keeping it inside you for a long time or you are just scared of expressing your feelings or afraid of rejection, This Propose day is the best out there. Go and express whatever you have in your heart in the most romantic way possible to your valentine. Because love is meant to be expressed and celebrated not to be kept hidden. You can propose to your valentine by giving them roses, gifts, or by sending them special messages, quotes or poems, etc. that can make them feel the most special in your life. 

Valentine’s Week Day 3: Chocolate Day

Chocolate is a synonym for sweetness. This day is celebrated on the 9th of February every year and the third day in Valentine’s week. This day is the torch bearer of sweetness. We all want to add sweetness to all our relationships and when the relationship is romantic; it can not go without chocolates. As Valentine’s week celebrates love and affection; chocolates play a crucial role in magnifying it. Chocolates are delicious treats for our taste buds and perfect gifts to make our hearts smile. That’s why Valentine’s week is completely incomplete without celebrating Chocolate day. This celebration is so huge that many chocolate companies create their Valentine’s edition chocolates by adding a touch of romance to them. As we know, chocolates help release stress and anxiety. So by giving this to your loved ones, you are taking care of them. And what is a better way to express your love than caring for them?  

Love is full of sweet feelings, so we relate it to chocolates. Mark your memories with sweetness and cherish them forever. There is no best way to celebrate your time with your loved one eating and trying new and different chocolate flavors.

Also, to be honest, Chocolate day is not only for romantic relationships. You can give it to anybody you love and care for. Give them their favorite chocolate and make them feel special. This is the sweetest way to tell anyone how important they are in your life without actually expressing your emotions in words. If you are a shy person who is afraid to express yourself, chocolates can be your savior.

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Valentine’s Week Day 4: Teddy Day

Soft cuddly teddy bears express the softness, cuteness and innocence of love. This day is celebrated on the 10th of February. In 2023, teddy day is on a Friday. Marking the beginning of a weekend, teddy day of 2023 is taking the flow of Valentine’s week in the right direction.  Gift your loved ones a soft, cute and unique teddy on this teddy day and make them feel over the top throughout the week. In Valentine’s week, with different days the way of expressing your love changes; be it chocolates, a teddy, a rose or a kiss. But what remains the same is the need to express your inner feelings to your beloved one, your crush or your partner. Teddys are the way to let your loved ones know that you are always with them through the cute teddy even if you are not physically with them. Who does not love to hug a teddy who is soft, calming and cute while falling asleep? This gives the feeling of hugging your loved ones, that’s why teddy bears are hands down one of the best gift options out there for Valentine’s week. It’s like gifting a cute version of yourself to your loved ones.

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Valentine’s Week Day 5: Promise Day

Promise is one of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship. When you both are not bonded by blood, the only thing that keeps you both together is the selfless promise to be with each other irrespective of the situations in front of you. Promise day is the fifth day of Valentine’s week. It falls on 11th February every year and in 2023, it is a Saturday. As the name suggests, on this day couples promise each other to love selflessly and to continue the bond till eternity despite the hardships to come. How beautiful it is to promise someone to be with them without knowing the situations coming. It justifies the saying that ‘Love is unconditional’. This is the only day in Valentine’s week, where materialistic gifts are not important; Rather it is the words that you say, promises that you make, and efforts that you put in to keep those promises count. These meaningful promises and the dedication of both toward each other are what keep the bond going forever. It is one of those special days when you have immense and unending opportunities to make your beloved one feel special, loved, and safe with you. 

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Valentine’s Week Day 6: Hug Day

Hug day is celebrated as the sixth day of Valentine’s week and falls on 12th February. In 2023, it falls on a Sunday. So make sure that you spend more than enough time with your partner and celebrate the hug day in the most special way possible. Hugs are a simple yet effective way to create a connection with your loved ones. Through a simple, sweet, and tight hug, you can offer your intense love, affection, care, and warmth to your partner. This is a gift that does not cost you money, time, or even effort; Rather all you need is the intention to make someone feel special and safe around you. A hug has everything that is required to strengthen a bond. So it is necessary not only in a romantic relationship but everywhere you are in love. This hug day, hug your partner with all your heart and love poured into it, silently let them know that you are always going to stay there and your bond is going to last till eternity.

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Valentine’s Week Day 7: Kiss Day

 There is confusion about when exactly kiss day is celebrated in valentine’s week. People usually exchange the hug day and the kiss day. But what is important is to celebrate both days with immense love in your heart for your partner. The date is ignorable. Kisses are the simplest way to reassure your relationship and the love involved. If you ever feel that your partner is not feeling special or loved in the relationship,  kissing is your way to go. It activates neurotransmitters,  releases happy hormones, and tells our brain, “Yes, someone is there.” And this reassurance matters. In Valentine’s week,  kiss day is the seventh day and falls on the 13th of February. That means this is towards the end of the celebration of love and romance. But this does not mean that your celebration should be normal. Rather make it special with your partner. Give them customized gifts, and handmade cards with lovely messages written, kiss them more often, and assure them that the bond is going to stay forever. It does not matter if your partner is a guy or a girl, everyone loves reassurance and their partner expressing love. So don’t be shy, express your feelings and if you are afraid of words, let your kisses talk on behalf of you, as it is kiss Day. It’s the 7th day, a day before the D day, Valentine Week Days Name with Date should be celebrated with equal love and passion.

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Finally : The Valentine’s Day

Finally the last day of Valentine’s week, the week of love is Valentine’s Day which falls on the 14th of February. To end the week full of love and romance, you should celebrate the last day with a full heart and immense love. This day has nothing specific that you need to celebrate it. It should be love and love can mean anything to you. The celebration of this day should be unique to you and your partner. The theme of the day should be anything that you both love and not the one that the name of the day suggests, unlike the whole week. It can be having coffee together, candle night dinner dates, just talking and chilling, going out on a mini trip, long drives, or special gifts, and the possibilities are endless. But the main point is to celebrate your love, and your bond and assure your partner that the same is going to stay forever. Whatever meaning you associate with Valentine’s day, just celebrate that and make your bond stronger. Being together matters the most. Valentine Week Days Name with Date is a good way to make the most of this season.

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Love is the best emotion in the world and it should be celebrated every day. There is nothing special about Valentine’s week, rather what makes it special is the love and dedication of a person toward his/her partner. So celebrate it with your loved ones, express your emotions without any fear, own your love with a full heart, and make your special one feel extremely special. Because materialistic things will fade away with time, the way you make them feel is going to stay there for eternity. Leave no chance to express your love, every expression adds up and makes the relationship more beautiful and lasting.

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