Genshin Impact 3.3 Release Date and Detail

The next Genshin Impact update, focuses on the aftermath events of Version 3.2. In 3.3, Scaramouche and the Traveler travel to Irminsul in search of information.

Tatarasuna may also be related, as characters can be heard discussing it.

According to the current five-week update schedule, Genshin Impact3.3 will be released on December 7. 

Genshin Impact Version 3.3.3 will introduce two new characters: Wanderer and Faruzan 

Wanderer is a 5-star character with anemo catalyst, 

Faruzan is an anemo bow character with a 4-star rating 

Version 3.3’s Second Phase will feature a rerun of Kamisato Ayato, and Raiden Shogun.