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Welcome to wellness wonderland!

Scoopoflives is a healthy living blog where I am on a mission to help you achieve your highest potential. Join us on this journey, make life easier through healthy living tips, effective workouts, mouthwatering recipes, life-work balance tips, with a dash of wanderlust for all the people live not in some city but in the world or for ones who have a little bug in their feet.

A chiseled body, calm mind, and a centered soul is the goal we must achieve. I will help you make small and effective lifestyle changes you can make to eat well, making your effort count with amazing results and empowering your mind, body, and soul as a bonus.

Believe in your gut. Eat clean. Move more than ever.  And you’re sorted.


Stay healthy, inspired and blessed.





Hi, I am Leena Alloriya Sharma. I am so grateful that you ended up at my space of internet at Scoopoflives. I am a New Delhi-based freelance writer, blogger, trainer, traveler, health enthusiast, gourmet, and the list can go on and on. I am the writer, editor, SEO, & Photographer (at times) at Scoopoflives. The whole theme of this blog is to regenerate your mindset towards a healthy attitude towards life. And, also promotes health, wellness, and happiness in any manner that is worth a shot. Stay tuned!

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